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Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Although silk sheets don’t necessarily count as a relevant parameter of someone’s success, they sure speak volumes of the person’s can-dos… as does their bank balance and that trip to New Caledonia. Don’t you just love the fact that the days of I-can’t-afford-this are gone and you finally get to enjoy the glitz of life in (almost) all of its sparkle? It’s refreshing, isn’t it; not having to worry about anything except making sure you’re the best possible version of yourself? We simply love it!

Suffice (it) to say that a girl of your caliber deserves the best of everything, all the time. No, it’s not because you’ve been that gold-fed, lazy, I-want-it-now spoiled daddy’s princess from the get go… but quite the opposite – it’s because you’ve made it happen yourself, and this is your moment to celebrate it.

Assuming you’re still getting used to the “unbearable” easiness of life, we’ll lay out a few ideas that’ll definitely help you enjoy the fruits of your work and see the wonderful side of life… you’ll get used to it in a blink, we promise!

Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Luxury spa treatments

Regularly indulging in spa treatments is one of those fabulous things every girl should allow herself to enjoy; there’s nothing as relaxing as a weekly pampering session with your favorite masseuse and cosmetician. Just being there in the moment, with a glass of bubbly in one hand and Vogue or Marie Claire in the other, while a polite professional is doing your toenails is bliss. Or, lying on a massage table without a worry in the world… sure sounds like a perfect day in a week to have. Don’t you think?

Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Egyptian cotton sheets

Not that there was anything wrong with your former bedding, but investing in a set of Egyptian cotton sheets will take you to heaven! With their quality craftsmanship, breathable fabrics, polished look and amazing design – these sheets sure are a game-changer. Granted, once you buy them you’ll probably find it impossible to get out of bed, but some pleasures are simply worth being late.

Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Champagne Friday/Bloody Mary Sunday

Dressed in any of your favorite designer dresses, waiting for the girls to pop at your door and bring the finest Champagne to taste (hey, it’s not that we’ve got anything against tequila, but Champagne, after all, is the taste we’re after), you are once again ready to have a night of your life. Unlike those cheap outings from a few years back (okay, sure, those too did have their flair), this is the time to enjoy the finest queen-worthy quality alcohol and never again worry about the headaches the day after (we’ve all been there, it’s okay).

Saturdays are reserved for a brunch out with your parents or prospective clients, naturally. Often, these turn into a fun day of horse-riding, shooting range, playing pool, a sudden road trip to the nearby city for what seem to be “the best pancakes in the state” … or whatever it is you feel like doing. Now, Sundays… Sundays are for your in-home Bloody Marys (we’ll take an extra shot of specially tailored vodka, please!), best friends, movies and chill. Delicious.

Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Fly first class

Once you go first class, you never go back. And that’s the only argument that you need. Oh, and – once you switch from coach to first, make sure you go to as many destinations as possible. Traveling will enrich your soul, broaden your horizons, introduce you to new cultures, and help you meet some amazing people out there – especially when you have the money to cash in for all the extras like five-star hotels, Safari tours, helicopter rides, etc. It’s a blessing, really.

Little Luxuries You Can Treat Yourself with Every Day

Indulging in an at-home massage/facial/yoga class/whatever

Sometimes, the advantage of having resources to take proper care of yourself mean that, from time to time, you’ll allow yourself to be spoiled and lazy, guilt-free. And that’s fine. Organizing anything from an in-home yoga class, facials, massages, Henna tattooing with your girls, cooking classes, or anything else that you feel like doing is a blast! We encourage you to do it as often as possible.

Well, we’ve given you just a few ideas to think about – the rest is up to you. Whatever you do, program yourself to put your comfort first and enjoy all that you’ve been blessed with. Appreciation is the most important quality to nurture, don’t you ever forget it… yes, even when your diamond shoes blister.

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