Write For Us

Important notice:  We are no longer accepting guest posts.

Please only contact us if you are interested in writing non-commercial articles one or more times per week.

If you have a passion for Luxury & Journalism, and would like to contribute to our online luxury-lifestyle magazine, we are always searching for creative and passionate writers with a story to tell.

Since writing skills are essential for this particular position, we will need a sample of your work via text or blog showing your style and ability to write in proper English.

We are seeking contributors around the world to write about Fashion, Art & Culture, Real Estate, Luxury Cars, Aviation, Timepieces, Epicure, Technology, Travel, and many other similar topics.

Please note that at the moment, every contribution is on a volunteer basis only.  Though, there are many benefits to joining our team.  You can gain valuable experience in Journalism & The Luxury Industry, promote yourself & your writing abilities to our readers, and you can also use your status as an “Contributor” to request product samples and attend high fashion & other luxury related events.

Please contact us for more information: contact@TheExtravagant.com