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The Song Bird Within A Timepiece

Jaquet Droz's Charming Bird

Watch innovator, Jaquet Droz has combined cutting edge horology with an aesthetic heritage that originated from the Age of Enlightenment in their latest version of the “Charming Bird”.  These Jaquet Droz watches are not just their latest release, they are also a limited-edition collection that was first announced by the manufacture in 2013.  As it featured the first complication of it’s kind to ever be composed for a wristwatch, an “avian automata that sings a soothing song”.

The little colored song bird rests underneath a sapphire-crystal dome, creating a pitch-perfect lower half of the face.  Once turned on by a button at the 2 o’ clock position, the solo vocalist will commence dancing and chirp in a wide range of melodic tunes.  What creates the realistic refrain are just three small sapphire-crystal conduits, (which are only visible via the semi-skeletonized mechanism), storing and transporting air that has been compressed by carbon pistons, and the changing speed decides the intensity of the song bird’s pitch.

One of the most unique qualities of the Charming Bird is it’s ornamental dial coated in mother of pearl.  The timepiece’s fine body has been brilliantly engraved and hand painted to reflect the Swiss countryside that crosses onto the higher part of the sub-dial, in which features the minute and hour hands against a sleek black onyx backdrop.  In addition, the watch features a self winding movement that includes a regulator that is dependent on magnetic repulsion to prevent any contact between the metallic componentry.

Jaquet Droz’s Charming Bird is available in your choice of a red or a white gold case, and there will only be eight models of each timepiece produced, priced from $430,500.

For more information visit:  Jaquet Droz’s Charming Bird


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