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Bvlgari’s Summer Sweet Jewelry

Bvlgari's Summer Sweet Jewelry

Bvlgari has announced yet another beautiful collection that perfectly embodies the concept of a true Italian dolce vita (a life of heedless pleasure and luxury).  This unique jewelry collection was inspired by gelato, sorbet, and many other Italian delights, all dedicated specifically for a nice long summer vacation of taking it easy and lounging around.  The collection gives off such a sweet and refreshing feeling, a feeling only Bvlgari could pull off.

The Roman Sorbet collection shows us many unique designs, which include diamond candies, ice lollies and ice-cream cone brooches made of precious stones.  Also featuring white and pink gold rings, pendants and bracelets, all bedecked with sapphires, amethysts and tsavorites.  Bvlgari brings a simply invigorating contrast of color to the collection.

The collection has brought a new meaning to summer jewelry, Bvlgari Roman Sorbet collection aspires to incorporate the refined Italian way of life with a rich tradition of Roman jewelry.  Ice cream in the jewelry range symbolizes positive indolence and dizziness, so Bvlgari has captured this simple yet savory pleasure and put it to good use in their collection.  The collection was made for casual/every day wear, giving you a break from your typical haute joaillerie.

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