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Meet Cifonelli’s RTW Creative Director John Vizzone

Meet Cifonelli's RTW Creative Director John Vizzone

Having served previously as Senior Vice President and Creative Director at Ralph Lauren, John Vizzone recently became Cifonelli’s Ready To Wear Creative Director in 2014.  Leading the direction of Cifonelli’s Ready To Wear line towards success, Mr. Vizzone has not only proven his awe-inspiring expertise in managing as well as designing stylish and sophisticated garments, but has also demonstrated a peerless sense of award winning design that gives Cifonelli’s new RTW department an unrivaled flair of elegance.

Cifonelli’s latest RTW line (their Fall 2017 collection) is the most recent work of Mr. Vizzone, which, as expected, featured an incredible assemblage of sartorial men’s wear pieces.  Mr. Vizzone’s latest collection follows a similar tone to Cifonelli’s Fall RTW 2016 line he designed, though exhibits an exceptionally evolved style compared to last Fall’s line.  The current collection is a true masterpiece by John Vizzone, showcasing a country-inspired wardrobe that includes tan and dark coloured pieces alongside windowpane and plaid toned designs.

We were given the honor to speak with Mr. Vizzone about his role at Cifonelli, his unique design process when creating new RTW lines, what he believes makes a great garment, and his expert style advice for the refined gentleman.

How did you first get started in design?

“While working as a buyer at Brooks Brothers I met Alan Flusser.  I started working with him in his design studio.  We worked on the first Wall Street movie together.  From there I went to work for Ralph Lauren.”

Tell us about your inspiration for Cifonelli’s current ready-to-wear collection.

“I wanted to go back to the DNA of the Cifonelli.  It was started in 1880 in Paris, but during the Dolce Vita period they became the brand for movie stars & celebrities. I thought it would be interesting to go back into that period, (my version of that period)”

Cifonelli is one of the greatest tailors in the world, with that said; what do you believe makes a great garment?

“FIT.  Nothing is more important than that.  Everything else follows.”

Are there any areas of menswear you’re looking to explore further at Cifonelli?

“Next, would be to develop a fragrance that represents the Cifonelli gentleman.  We want to evolve Cifonelli into a lifestyle brand.”

Describe a day in the life of John Vizzone.

“I always start my day by exercising.  I check emails,  get on the internet for fashion & news.  I usually have phone conferences & meeting with the team at Barneys NY.  When I’m not traveling I spend all my time with my family.”

Are any of Cifonelli’s past fabrics showcased in the current RTW collection?

“No.  We develop all the fabrics for the RTW collection.”

Style advice from John Vizzone?

“Know what looks good on you.  Keep it simple.  Be mindful of the way a garment fits.  Even an inexpensive suit could look good on you if it fits properly.”

Take us through your design process, where do you start when you’re coming up with a new line?

“First, I decide where I would like the Cifonelli man to go or be.  From there I create a movie in my head & dress the characters.”

What do you enjoy most about your role at Cifonelli?

“Freedom!  Freedom to create who I think the modern Cifonelli gentleman is.  I have full creative control.”

Where do you believe the menswear industry is headed as a whole?

“I think men are becoming more comfortable with fashion.  There is a lot more self expression than ever before in men’s wear.”

Where to next?

“We are in the process of developing Cifonelli lounges.  We believe this will create an intimate connection with the customer & the brand”

Where can we follow you?

On Instagram  @john_vizzone


Cifonelli @cifonelli_official

Where can we shop the Cifonelli RTW Collection?

“The Cifonelli RTW is in Barneys (several locations) & in our flagship store in Paris.”

Photos of John Vizzone by: Fernando Sanchez Alonso

For more information on Cifonelli visit:

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