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A Fashion Blogger Guide to Fashion Week

Guide to Fashion Week

First came the World; Then – came Fashion.

Let not those (very) religious take offence at what we are about to say but – fashion is religion; not the type of religion we pray to (although, sometimes we do, right?) but the one that inspires us to find the never-ending elegance, chic and style within and conduct ourselves with proper pride and mannerism. Fashion has millions and millions of followers and as such – it definitely qualifies as a sort of divinity (we are happy to obey).

In the midst of preparations for the Fashion Week, who better than designers themselves to give you advice on what to wear or what to do to scoop a lil’ drama; unfortunately, those same designers are too busy designing collections that will be catching eye (and pockets) of the glitterati. The second best would be fashion editors; unfortunately, they’re exceptionally busy as well at this time of year. So then, we come to fashion bloggers. Third (time’s) the charm? Sure!

Let’s see what these exceptional fashion experts are advising…

Don’t Try to Parachute In (they’ll throw you out)
A Fashion Week is an industry-only event; no one who isn’t a part of the fashion industry can attend and even those who are, need to register first. With the registration approved, you may be getting invitations from the brands and designers to attend their shows along with other special events.

NOTE: Festivals or Fashion Weekend are NOT a Fashion Week. Unlike the first two consumer events where anyone can purchase tickets to attend, Fashion Week catwalk and designer experiences are invitation-only events. So, make sure you register and get your credentials in time – you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of Olivier Rousteing, right?

Get Your Business Cards Ready (be professional)

Guide to Fashion Week
Getting to meet someone at the fashion industry is huge! This is an overwhelming industry with a lot of potential to help you get noticed (but you’ve already known that), so having your business cards ready is a must. Hand out your cards to photographers and bloggers, and be open to receiving a few (or a dozen). Also, follow up with those you find most interesting for references.

NOTE: Keep the business card standard; if too small, they’re easily lost. If too big, they can’t fit a regular wallet. Also, keep the design clean; you want to let people know what you do and how to reach you. List your conventional contact info on the back side of the card, as well as all your social media handles.

Make a Wardrobe Plan (in agreement with the weather)

Guide to Fashion Week
One of the biggest questions for the first time NYFW attendants is, obviously, what to wear. What the naïve crowd doesn’t know is that changing several outfits throughout the day to make an impression is an overkill.

Regulars at the NYFW are fashion experts, designers, editors, models, celebs, socialites and such – and they’re there explicitly for the fashion alone, not the showoff (well, some of them are). Habitually, they’ll wear their usual uniforms upgraded with an accessory or two to add a little glamour but that’s where the story ends.

If you are hoping to increase your chance of getting photographed by street style photographers, be on point. Don’t go crazy with your combos just to stand out; rely on your fashionable ladies clothing for effect and keep your NYFW outfit true to your style. Also, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get published. Mostly, those who have already built a name for themselves make the cut while the rest – wait for the next time they might get lucky.

Mingle with Others (expand your network)
Whether you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger yourself, a photographer (or both), fashion reporter, an up and coming model, or any other segment of the fashion industry, find those from the same field as you are and introduce yourself. Expanding your network at events like these is phenomenal – not only because you are forming potential business collaborations, but because you are getting to meet amazing people who share your interests. Enjoy it!


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