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City of Hope X Just Drew

City of Hope X Just Drew NY Event

On May 8th, the Plaza Hotel became the spot for a truly spectacular pairing – Sponsored by Aston Martin and Lancôme A Charity Fundraiser Luncheon/Fashion Show came to the city with the Cancer Research Organization “City of Hope” and a Fashion Show brought to you by one of the hottest up and coming women’s clothing designers, Andrew Warren of “Just Drew.”

Conducted by City of Hope East End Chapter in coordination with Jeanne Kaye League held its annual Spirit of Life luncheon and fashion show. Attended by nearly 500 guests the event assisted in raising vital funds for City of Hope’s cancer research, treatment and education programs.

Sophie Bickley (Left), Andrew Warren (Center), and Charlotte Bickley (Right)

The Incredibly talented personal style bloggers Sophie & Charlotte Bickley of Ying 2 My Yang covered the Fashion portion of the event which included an award ceremony for Andrew Warren, along with Danielle Bernstein, Founder of We Wore What who jointly received the Champion of Hope Award this year presented by Claudia Oshry of Girl With No Job.

Mr. Warren went to great lengths to help raise maximum awarness for City of Hope this year through bringing together the next generation of social influencers to donate their time and walk in the Just Drew Fashion Show, the outfits of which were sold with proceeds going to the City of Hope foundation.

Andrew Warren & Tiffany Trump

Andrew Warren is a visionary who externalizes every stunning piece of the Just Drew line to transform any woman into an “IT girl”.  From a young age growing up in New York, Andrew has always had an innate talent for fashion, as he was greatly influenced by his family’s legacy.  When he began down the road of fashion, he already possessed keen insight on what women want, stemming from various events he styled and dressed his friends and celebrities for.  With his uncanny ingenuity and extraordinary creativity, Andrew leads Just Drew towards the path of success as he continues onward developing innovative collections emanating from a vigorous and inventive perspective.  Check out our interview below as we discuss Fashion & Philanthropy with Andrew.

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Tell us more about your relationship with “City of Hope,” how did you first get involved with the organization?

Andrew Warren: “Lisa Kaye Fuld, the East End Chapter President reached out to me and explained that The City of Hope wanted to bring awareness about the importance of not only their organization, but being philanthropic in general to our generation. My grandfather passed away due to colon cancer before I ever had the chance to meet him, I learned at a very young age what it meant to be affected by cancer. The City of Hope is a massive organization that helps families and their loved ones treat, cope and learn about the disease they or their loved ones are fighting. When Lisa approached me about being a part of this event I instantly knew I had to be.”

S&C B: What was the inspiration for the revamped Just Drew line?

AW: “In the past I have been criticized for only dressing one type of girl. I wanted this show prove that my brand is for all types of girls no matter their style. My goal is to have a line that is for everyone, that all girls can feel confident in. My Spring collection is full of looks that just about any girl can pull off, the short slip dress has proven to be one of the most versatile pieces, even though it is also one of the simplest. I have seen girls dress it up with heels and wear it to dinner or dress it down with sneakers and a bomber to shop around SoHo in. The possibilities are endless, the piece doesn’t limit itself to one ‘type’ of girl.”

S&C B: Where can we shop the Just Drew line?

AW: “Right now you can shop online at, Kyle By Alene Too, and a few specialty stores will be carrying my line as well.”

S&C B: What is your creative process like when developing a new line?

AW: “When I am designing a new line, I like to first go down to the garmet district and look at fabrics. For me it’s all about the vision, and in order to bring a vision into reality fabric is the first step. After I have my fabric picked out I pull inspo from all over, make some sketch’s, narrow down the fabrics and then put the pieces into production. Since JustDrew manufactures all of our clothing right here in NYC, I am able to see each piece go through production and I often make last minute changes during the final steps.”

S&C B: What are some of your favorite things about working with City of Hope?

AW: “I love doing charity work. I did something extremely similar to this luncheon for the Gabrielles Angel Foundation when I was only 14. Giving back has always been something I am passionate about doing, especially because of my grandfather. Over the years I have met some of my very closest friends through charity events and organizations. I loved working with the City of Hope, especially because as I mentioned earlier the causes they support hit close to home and being able to help such a great charity raise money and awareness.”

S&C B: What is one thing you would like everyone to know the Just Drew line for?

AW: “I want to my line to be unique while still being completely wearable. Philip Plein is a designer who went against the fashion world and he’s really successful now, He’s someone who really inspires me. I want my designs to resemble pure glamour while exuding confidence but maintain their “wear-ability”. I want my line to be a household name within 5 years, starting a clothing line is a lot more work than most people realize. These past years have been full of ups and downs each teaching me a new lesson; at the end of the day I want Just Drew to be a line, within which, each and every girl can find a piece she truly resonates with and feels absolutely perfect in.” 

S&C B: Where can we follow you?

AW: @adwarren on instagram or @justdrewnyc – “Do it! This summer will be full of surprises, follow us to stay in the loop!”

Below check out our interviews with some of the talented models of the JustDrew show such as Vale Genta, Reya Benitez, Corinne Foxx, and Sophie Simmons.

Vale Genta is an Actress and Social Media Influencer best known for her content shared through her multiple social media platforms and her recent crossover into mainstream acting.

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Tell us about some of your favorite things about Just Drew’s revamped line?

Vale Genta: “I love the colors; light pinks, whites, and pastels. They are super cute and fun for the season.”

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Do you have any favorite pieces from the show?

Vale Genta: “I am in love with the dress that I am wearing today, the pink ‘Gigi’ dress. I think it is my favorite dress from the collection. I love the cut and color of it”

Reya Benitez is daughter of the Studio 54 resident DJ Jellybean Benitez.  She is a model & social media influencer, and also works for a wealth management firm.

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Tell us about some of your favorite things about Just Drew’s revamped line?

Reya Benitez: “I love the butterfly print dresses which are applicable to all different body types because of their cut and the way Andrew has carefully designed them. They are gorgeous”

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Do you have any favorite pieces from the show?

Reya Benitez: “I am in love with the long velvet dress from the newly re-vamped line, called the ‘Peasant’ dress.”

Corinne Foxx is a Model, Actress, Writer, and Social Activist.  Having modeled for major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Wet N’ Wild; Corinne is also a gifted writer who’s work has been featured on lifestyle website, Refinery 29.

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Tell us about some of your favorite things about Just Drew’s revamped line?

Corinne Foxx: “I love how versatile the pieces are. I love that they are comfortable but also extremely chic. I like how the pieces aren’t too intimidating or ‘too much’ like some high fashion pieces can be. They are realistic and I can picture myself wearing them every day.”

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Do you have any favorite pieces from the show?

Corinne Foxx: “My favorite piece from the collection is the ‘Butterfly’ gown, I love how long and flowy it is.”

Sophie Simmons is daughter of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, having taken a multifaceted approach to entertainment outside of her rock and roll roots through Music, TV, Film, and Outreach, establishing herself as an artist, actress, model, host, and activist.

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Tell us about some of your favorite things about Just Drew’s revamped line?

Sophie Simmons: “I love how Andrew has brought back the vintage aesthetic look, creating a sort of ‘nightgown’ chic vibe. I love how classic all of the looks are, with timeless cuts.”

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley: Do you have any favorite pieces from the show?

Sophie Simmons: “My favorite pieces from the collection are definitely the classic slip dresses, especially the pale pink slip dress that I am wearing in today’s show.”

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