Huntsman X Be Cool Be Nice

Huntsman X Be Cool Be Nice - an anti-bullying collaboration

Proving the fact that the fashion industry is full of kindness if you look hard enough, Huntsman is now providing their support to Be Cool Be Nice (BCBN), an anti-bullying movement promoting pocket squares that feature the BCBN teddy bear.  These anti-bullying designed pocket squares are adorned with the house’s country tweed and a flat cap.  The squares were designed to be the perfect finishing touch to any jacket, while also showing your support to a wonderful cause.

Huntsman X Be Cool Be Nice - an anti-bullying collaboration

“Huntsman are pleased to support BCBN’s action against bullying,” said Huntsman’s chairman Pierre Lagrange. “Whether it is in enterprise, at home or at school, there is no room for bullying practices and negative energy. We are eager to encourage positive behaviour, and nothing beats that message coming from creative leaders and influencers who are listened to by young people.”

Huntsman x Be Cool Be Nice is an amazing collaboration against bullying, as the 33×33 cm, 100% silk pocket squares that were hand rolled in the UK with hand finished rolled edges, symbolize anti-bullying all the while give off a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

Huntsman X Be Cool Be Nice - an anti-bullying collaboration

The partnership campaigns kindness, good manners and civility, in addition to encouraging a positive outlook towards interactions through social media sites.  Be Cool Be Nice has even sent invitations to renowned fashion labels like Burberry, Lenny Kravitz, Marc Jacobs, and Alber Elbaz, in order to give the BCBN teddy each their own signature design based off the labels’ heritage.

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