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Make It Preppy Yet Vintage

Preppy and Vintage style

For some time in the modern fashion world, it seems that preppy and vintage styles have been considered as complete opposites. While the preppy style is characterized with straight lines, minimalism in appearance, geometrical shapes & patterns, and plain colors, vintage is considered to be a style that’s very feminine and fitted, with a lot of patterns such as polka dots, stripes, flowers and similar characteristics, that are usually more appealing and appropriate for ladies that like to experiment with their outfits and looks. Still, the combination of these two styles is more than possible and it can make any preppy outfit look even more refined and glamorous.

Preppy meets vintage


Ladies who value their professional look might think it’s impossible to introduce some of the vintage glamour of Old Hollywood, but with great taste comes the ability to mix and match. A few carefully picked out vintage pieces can freshen up a preppy outfit, and make it a lot more personal and interesting, without losing its form and elegant look. Experimenting with clothes and trying to pair different styles doesn’t have to come natural to you. Like everything else in life, you can learn what works the best for you with constant effort. But, if you want to avoid the process of trial and error, keep on reading to get the insight on best ways to combine preppy style with vintage pieces.

Shirt print


If you’re used to wearing formal attire that consists of pants, a smart shirt and blazer, there is still a way to keep the formality but add a vintage twist. You probably have a lot of plain shirts, but the market today is also full of smart cut shirts featuring intricate, vintage-like patterns that are not too overwhelming and dramatic, but still fun enough to add a touch of uniqueness to the whole look. These don’t have to be colorful either – there are many shirts that stick to the neutral color scheme and usual black and white combination when it comes to patterns as well.

Vintage scarf

If adding printed shirts or lively colors to your wardrobe basics is still too much for you, a nice accessory such as a vintage style scarf can make all the difference. There are numerous choices when it comes to patterns, colors & designs, and you can undoubtedly find one that suits you. If you want to make this work for you professionally, you can check out different ways of wearing and tying a scarf to complete the preppy look better.

Best of both world garments

vintagestyle3Source 1/Source 2

There are some clothing items that, believe it or not, scream both vintage and preppy at the same time. In that respect, you can try out wearing playsuits just like Marilyn Monroe, the famous style icon among other titles. Remember, well-fitted formal playsuits can be easily dressed down with a long blazer or cardigan and an elegant flat pair of shoes. Another clothing piece that can easily find its way to your preppy yet vintage style is definitely a midi pencil skirt that can be used for many different looks and combinations.

Funky footwear

Another great way to break the monotony of your plain preppy style is getting yourself a pair of shoes that are elegant and preppy in their design but have an interesting vintage-like pattern such as polka dots, bows and similar. If you get these in neutral colors, you’ll still be able to combine them with many different outfits, but if your go-to colors for an outfit are black, white, navy and gray, then you can definitely try out getting the vintage pop of bright color with your footwear.

Go all out with jewelry

Statement jewelry pieces can bring a breath of vintage style into your plain-looking preppy outfit. Apart from regular jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, you can get a true fashionable impact by wearing a nice vintage brooch, or decorating your smart shirt with a collar necklace and even a pair of effective ladies’ cufflinks.


While it’s true that there are certain business codes you need to stick to, there’s no reason to sacrifice your individuality and personal style completely. No matter what types of people are in your close circle, you can still pull out many different twists with your outfit. Therefore, don’t miss out on the fun when matching and combining your looks for the day and trying your own preppy yet vintage outfits.

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