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The Masterful Bespoke Shoemaker: Vass

Vass Shoes

Vass has been excelling as one of the best bespoke shoemakers, creating finely, custom-made footwear for the elegant gentleman for over 30 years.  The founder leader of Vass, Laszlo Vass, has studied a seemingly infinite amount of knowledge and a keen amount of insight on shoemaking, even going as far as putting his own philosophy of handmade shoes into a book.

Since the beginning of Vass, Laszlo Vass has upheld a steadfast determination in forging all his shoes by hand, employing hand welting techniques, opposed to most shoemakers who have been utilizing soulless stitching machines.  But today, with the support of a new and an enlarged team of over twenty highly skilled craftsmen, he now offers ready-to-wear shoes of the highest caliber to customers throughout the globe.

The handmade shoemaking practice in Hungary travels all the way back to the 19th century Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and a number of the methods and techniques have changed very little since then.  If someone’s personal shoe style revolves around English and Italian styles, then the Austro-Hungarian time-honored designs such as Alt Wein (punched cap toe) or the Budapester (wingtip) may appear a bit bulkier.  But with that curved shape and higher toe, the style becomes a brilliant matchup for a goyser welt structure along a robust design.

A pair of these shoes can go together with almost anything in your wardrobe, making your choice of wear very flexible.  The lift of the hand-welted sole, the high quality leather, the hearty & robust lasts, the imprecise allure of hand hammered nails and finishes.  So many different kinds of characteristics gives this shoe an air of distinction among other well known shoemakers, which labels Vass as a one-of-a-kind shoemaker that goes the extra mile to ensure you get the perfect pair of the utmost quality.

But for those looking for a sleeker designed shoe, Vass collaborated with Roberto Ugolini to develop a collection of Italian lasts that unite hand-welted construction with genteel forms. Vass also has a How To Order guide that takes you step by step through their ordering process.

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