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Meet Athenna Crosby

Athenna Crosby

Meet Athenna Crosby; the incredibly talented Model, Actress, Singer, and former Miss Teen California.  At just 19, the bay area native has done it all, currently majoring in Social Justice at Saint Mary’s College, Athenna aspires to become a disabilities rights attorney and eventually run for public office; and has even interned at the California State Senate.  With Autism near and dear to her heart, Athenna is a passionate supporter of Best Buddies, an organization founded by Anthony Shriver for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, often volunteering for the organization.  Ms. Crosby has previously Hosted the TV series ‘Eco Company’ as well as the Internet Show, ‘Picture the Possibilities’; which bring awareness to Environmental and Social Issues for today’s youth.  

With an unrivaled set of talents, we are sure to see many more incredible accomplishments from Athenna Crosby.  Check out our interview below with Ms. Crosby, as we chat about her inspirations, aspirations, secret dream career, travel, personal style, and even an interesting story about James Franco at the Cinequest Film Festival.

What are you currently inspired by?

“I’d have to answer this question with who I am inspired by, and that would be my little brother Adrian. As a young man with Autism, Adrian struggles in school and in different social spheres. Although he faces his own challenges, he inspires me in so many ways through his creativity, honesty, and strength. I have many passions in life, and no matter where my career takes me, I know I will always have to think about Adrian and help provide for him. This motivates me to work hard, and humbles me. It’s important to remember that relationships are the most significant aspects of our lives. Without our loved ones, we can lose sight of what is really important.”

You are a talented Model, Actress, and Singer what do you enjoy most and why?

“If I had to choose, I would say I most enjoy Acting. While I am extremely passionate about Modeling, Singing, and Hosting, I love being able to transform myself into another character who expresses themselves both physically and verbally. Although, at the end of the day, I would say I enjoy the art of performance in general. I love being able to participate in anything that explores our perception of beauty and the human experience.”

All time favorite travel destination?

“I love to travel, and within the past few months I have been able to explore exciting places like France, Italy, and Germany. I plan to continue my travels, as I practically fall in love with everywhere I visit. No matter where I go, my heart always comes back to the Bay Area, CA. As a Bay Area native, no where can compare to the beauty of my home. My all time favorite city is San Francisco. It is iconic, progressive, and is a melting pot of culture. San Francisco has the globe at its fingertips. There is just no where quite like the “The City.”

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

“I am definitely a Class Clown. I love to laugh, and shock people with my candidness. Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people smile. My secret dream would probably be to become a Comedian.”

Take us through a day in the life of Athenna Crosby.

“I am a full time college student, so a typical weekday for me includes waking up at 7:30 and going to class! My education is very important to me, so I try and dedicate as much time as possible to it. On the weekends, I always like to work on a project which advances my artistic career. I am always flying all over the country to network, collaborate with photographers or directors, or pursuing other endeavors.”

What originally peaked your interest in modeling?

“I began modeling and acting at the age of 12 when I first signed with an agency. As a kid, I never excelled at the traditional “activities” like scouts or sports, so I saw the entertainment industry as a place I could find my niche. Within a few years, I had already done print work for big names like Comcast and Verizon Wireless. After entering my first pageant, even more opportunities came my way. Now, I have been able to do amazing print and video work for companies like Tapout, iTan, Infinity Sun, IMAGE Skincare, Want My Look, Goldsheep, and many more.”

What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

“I have done many interesting photoshoots and video shoots, but one of the coolest experiences was actually a hosting job I did where I interviewed James Franco. Last year, the Cinequest Film Festival, whom I have worked with many times, invited me to be a youth moderator at an event with Franco. There was a large audience and the whole thing was being filmed. It was extremely awkward when I asked him for his best “life advice.” He was taken aback, but gave a decent answer and we both kind of laughed it off.”

What did you enjoy most during your time as Miss California Teen USA?

“Oh my gosh, that is an impossible question to answer! I loved everything! If this were a life or death matter and I had to pick something, I would say my favorite experience was to go to middle and high schools in Southern California and speak on the topic of anti-bullying. At one Middle School in Cerritos, I spoke to an audience of over 200 7th grade girls, many of whom approached me thanking me for coming to their school and for being a great role model. I had never felt so flattered and grateful at the same time, and what an honor it was getting to make an impact on these young girls’ lives. That is something I definitely hope to continue doing.”

Any aspirations to become Miss America?

“Possibly…we will see!”

Who are some of your favorite designers at the moment?

“My style varies, but overall I would say I like to dress comfortable and casual with a feminine touch. My favorite designers include Carolina Herrera, Elie Tahari, Betsey Johnson, and Kate Spade.”

Style advice from Athenna Crosby.

“In my opinion, radiance comes from the inside out, so make sure you take care of yourself and your health. The best accessories in life are healthy skin, hair, nails, and a great smile. Pretty much everything else is secondary to that. You can have any kind of style or body type, and as long as you have the basics in check you are guaranteed to look confident.”

You’re majoring in Social Justice, what originally attracted you to the subject?

“Growing up watching my little brother suffer discrimination due to his disability made me aware of inequality that is still prevalent in our country. Right now more than ever it is crucial that we focus on issues of intersectionality and equal rights. I hope to graduate college equipped with the skills to tackle these issues, and use my position as an up and coming artist to be a mouthpiece for my younger brother and individuals like him.”

Where to next?

“I’m going to continue working hard in school, as well as planning my next travel destination(s). Two (very different) places I have been dying to go are The Grand Canyon and The Bahamas! Hopefully by the end of this year I can fill up my passport with stamps.”

Where can we follow you?

“You can follow me @athennacrosby on Facebook and Instagram. Much love!”

Photography by: Marli Allard

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