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Style Icons: Interview with Andreas Weinås

Meet Andreas Weinås; the 30 year old Swedish menswear journalist who proves to be an icon of a true Gentleman’s style.  Andreas who currently serves as both the Executive Editor of the online Menswear/Clothing publication as well as an Editor of the Swedish print publication Kings Magazine.  Andreas who was once a professional handball player, has entered the menswear industry from a rather unorthodox background.  Though now proves to be an innovator and source of inspiration for well dressed men around the globe.  We were given the incredible opportunity to interview with Andreas, whom was just recently dubbed by Rake Japan – as “One of the 10 Most Rakish Men” their way of saying: One of the Best Dressed Men in the World.

What are you currently inspired by?

“For the last two years I’ve been very inspired by South Korean tailoring. Conceptually I think B&Tailor does an amazing job and makes some of the finest bespoke pieces in the world. I love the slightly fuller cut and classic silhouette combined with modern and contemporary details. Another brand that I think is worth mentioning is Agyesh Madans brand Stòffa in the US. They make MTM outerwear, trousers, bags and accessories that are simply incredible. Especially the suede jackets that, in my opinion, are some of the best value in the business.”

Take us through a day in the life of Andreas Weinås.

“I try to workout at least 4-5 times a week and often before going to work. My workday normally starts around 9 a.m. with either a meeting in the city or at the office. I´m in charge of the day to day business of and on top of my own articles I edit the material from our freelance writers. I try to be as efficient as possible and plan my days in advance so that the website and magazine will run smooth even if I´m out of town for a business trip.”

How would you describe your own personal style?  Do you have a special cut philosophy?

“I consider my style to be a mixture of Scandinavian, Italian and British. The colour scheme is “Scandinavian” with a base of navy, brown and grey. I can appreciate men wearing vivid colors but I prefer a muted color scheme myself. The “Italian” part is definitely in the make. I prefer a soft construction with little to no canvas in the chest and shoulders. Neapolitan brands like Cesare Attolini and Orazio Luciano make some excellent soft tailoring in my opinion. The “British” part is the actual fabrics. There´s an expression called “Stile Inglese” which refers to Italians doing their version of British menswear. By combining the soft construction of Naples with heavy British fabrics in flannel, tweed and cashmere you get the best of both worlds if you ask me.”

Tell us about some of your go to pieces in your wardrobe.

“I have a navy made-to-measure suit from Cesare Attolini that I consider to be the backbone of my wardrobe. It´s made up in a British Birdseye cloth and the best fit I´ve experienced. Another piece that is special to me is a bespoke Polo Coat from B&Tailor in a “bulletproof” heavy wool fabric by Holland & Sherry. I´ve worn it pretty much everyday since I picked it up earlier this fall. On the more casual side, I would say that I´m extremely fond of my chocolate suede MTM jacket from Stoffa. It´s a shorter flight jacket with a large collar, oversize pockets and a double zip.”

What are your favorite clothing stores, either online or brick and mortar?

“I’m very impressed by The Armoury, both in New York and Hong Kong. I think they have done a lot for the revival of classic elegance in a modern context and they have a great philosophy about the brands or rather artisans they carry. In Sweden, I think Saman Amel (Made-to-measure atelier by two young and ambitious guys) is very inspiring.”

What do you think is the biggest faux pas or style sin that men commit?

“Not paying attention to the small details. It doesn’t matter if you buy a bespoke suit if you combine it with a pair of low quality plastic leather shoes. By paying attention to details like the tie knot and the sleeve/trouser length, you can look the part in something very reasonably priced.”

Tell us more about & King Magazine and your role at both Publications.

“ is the biggest website in Scandinavia with a focus on sartorial menswear. We publish one article a day and it can be everything from a made-to-measure review to a feature of a new store opening. King Magazine is the biggest fashion magazine in Sweden for men and they are both are owned by Egmont Publishing.” is the biggest menswear blog in Sweden, what is the greatest challenge in heading the site?

“I think the greatest challenge is to find a balance between high quality and a reasonable price range for the products we feature. We will focus a lot on bespoke in the +3000€-range because it´s simply the highest level of craftsmanship, but to be relevant to all our readers, we also try to highlight price worthy options under 1000€. To me it´s important that what we recommend is something that feels like a great product in that price range.”

What do you believe sets Stockholm apart, being your locality of choice?

“I’m originally from Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden but Stockholm is without a doubt a stronger city when it comes to sartorial menswear. With the Swedish financial sector located in the city, it´s only natural that men wear more suits and ties. I think especially young men in Stockholm dress exceptionally well with a lot of focus on fit and details.”

Favorite restaurant in Stockholm?

“My favorite restaurant in the city is a Japanese/Scandinavian fusion restaurant called Shibumi. It´s located in the basement of the Michelin star restaurant, Esperanto, but with a more simple presentation and a lower price point. The beef and salmon tartars are the best I´ve tasted in the world.”

Photographer: Ted Olsson

What timepieces do you currently have in your collection?  Do you have a holy grail watch you aspire to one day own?

“I have around 10-12 pieces at the moment. Since about a year or two I´ve decided to slim it down with fewer but “better” pieces. My favorite ones are the Patek Philippe Nautilus (ref. 5711), The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (ref. 15202) and my Cartier Tank Americaine. The most important in my heart however is probably my old Rolex Datejust (ref. 1600) that was handed down to me from my Grandfather. It´s a fairly humble piece, but the history and previous owner makes it such a special one.”

Where to next?

“At the time of writing I´m off to Milan for a very special project. I was asked to walk as a runway model for the Dolce&Gabbana FW/18 Menswear Show in Milano Fashion Week.”

Where can we follow you?

Through my personal Instagram account @andreasweinas.

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