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Meet The Shirtmakers of Thomas Pink

Meet The Shirtmakers of Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink’s new video titled “Meet the Shirtmakers” gives an insight into the individuals behind Thomas Pink’s U.K. manufacturer, the Londonberry based “Smyth and Gibson,” which produces Thomas Pink’s 1984, Imperial and Bespoke Made To Order shirts.  The short film offers viewers a unique introduction to these talented and passionate craftspeople behind Thomas Pink’s premiere quality shirts.

The film gives us an intimate look into the exemplary skills and attention to details that these shirtmakers posses when manufacturing Thomas Pink’s premiere line of shirts made by this highly specialized group of individuals who have worked in the industry for many decades if not generations for some.   The 50 craftspeople at Smyth & Gibson possess over 1,000 years of combined experience in high quality shirtmaking.

Going into further detail, Richard Gibson, co-founder of Smyth and Gibson explains“lots of shirtmakers will tell you that they sew with ‘18 stitches to the inch’, but then they look like a ploughed field,” he laughs. “It’s not about the number of stitches, which is just a setting on a machine, but how flat they are.”  Mr. Gibson further explains that a true test of a shirtmaker’s skills are his ability to produce shirts that are flat stitched, hand trimmed high density buttonholes, the matching of a patterned shirt across the body, and the way that the sleeve is perfectly set into the body of the shirt holding no tension of its fabric.  “They’re what elevates one shirt above another” notes Gibson.

For more information on Thomas Pink check out the short film below, or visit:

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