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Meet London based jewellery designer, Millië Carr. Soon to be fresh from her days at university, the 22-year-old young lady is making a mark for herself in the world of jewellery. Her creativity is somehow different and only equaled by her passionate entrepreneurial drive.

Millië decided to set up her own company by combining her greatest passions: piglets, stones and jewels. The Pink Piglet is a brand-new start-up which offers unique, timeless and luxurious earrings “that tell a story and champion local production”.

I believe the secret to her success is the story behind her earrings. I had the pleasure of meeting Millië in the heart of London City where we talked about her personal style, her life and her deeply energetic pink universe.

How did you first become interested in jewellery design?

“My passion for jewellery and accessories started as a child, when my mother had her own fashion accessory company in the 80s. I guess I’ve always been surrounded by funky pieces lying around the house and naturally grew up to develop an eye for bling and a wicked pair of earrings.

The idea of providing people with a timeless aesthetic has, and always will appeal to me, so that people can express themselves in a powerfully irresistible way through the magic of unique pieces. I love the fact that I can help people feel beautiful.”

What served as the inspiration for your current collection?

“The III Collection presents unusual and rare designs that are truly magical and individual. I was greatly influenced by my trip to India, especially by the artwork and architecture. It was different to what I knew, from the people I met, their fashion, work and what knowledge they gave me. They have such a strong influence for jewellery with stunning colours of semi-precious stones and superb craftsmanship. I was very fortunate to be visiting such beautiful and lavish hotels such as the Oberoi Udaivilas and the Leela Palace on lake Pichola known as ‘Venice of the East’. The whole experience was breath-taking: I became so interested in the Indian artwork and their rich heritage and culture.”

What is behind the name? How did the Pink Piglet come to be?

“I didn’t have to think very hard at all, ‘The Pink Piglet’ was the first name that popped into my head as I am passionate about piglets. When I realised that jewellery is what I wanted to do, it seemed an original and natural choice due to my slight obsession with pigs. My company is an e-boutique after all, a true original, only one in the world and therefore is only small and rather sweet. I thought The Pink Piglet suited the whole look I was aiming for very well. I knew from day one that The Pink Piglet Collection is what I wanted my brand to be called, nothing in this world can change that. The Pink Piglet itself came to be while I was on holiday in Malta last summer with my family. I came to my senses that I only have one more year left at university and then I am on my own and having to find myself a job. I’ve spoken about launching my own collection a few times, but just last August when I was back in London I decided to finally get on with it. I saw an opportunity and I went for it. I knew if I didn’t do it now, I would never do it.”


How many people are involved in The Pink Piglet? 

“Believe it or not, it is just me who manages everything from creative director to wrapping up my earrings and walking down to the post office. Of course, in house with support from my family, I really like to appreciate the power they gave me to start this dream of mine to come true. I’ve started this up while keeping my degree afloat, it’s not the easiest thing. I feel I may need to get a team on board fairly soon as the company is expanding and once I leave university, The Pink Piglet will have my whole devotion.”

How many collections do you realize per year?

“Considering The Pink Piglet Collection only launched 5 months ago, I would have launched three collections since August in March. I’m thinking three-four collections per year but that may change once I’ve left university depending on how I manage my time.”

Do you have any plans to open a boutique store?

“Yes. 100%. That is my dream and I will be over the moon if and when it happens. I would love to have my own boutique store and I am focusing on that as my long-term goal, especially to be based in Soho. That part of London offers so much diversity: the people and the energy in that area, especially Carnaby Street and Covent Garden, it’s all so vibrant and cool.”


What is your vision for The Pink Piglet?

“I now want to introduce The Pink Piglet Collection worldwide. Considering last month was the 5-month anniversary for my company, I am overwhelmed by the support and positivity from the people around me and of course my customers. If someone said to me 6 months ago The Pink Piglet Collection is going to be featured in the top magazines and you will be interviewed by The Extravagant, I would have laughed in your face. The rate in which my brand is growing keeps me motivated. It’s such a comfortable and reassuring feeling, knowing that something I thrive off and feel deeply passionate about is actually working out.”

What does it mean to you to be a British brand today?

​”For me, to be a successful British brand today means creating a visual identity. To build loyalty with the people surrounding myself and my company and of course stay true to my vision. The Pink Piglet is what it is because of love and appreciation that people out there have given it.  My mission is to sell luxurious pieces that tell a story and champion local production. My jewels offer ahead of the curve earrings that are influenced by fine art, travel and artisanal craftwork. Based on the brand ethos of timeless jewels, these are the pieces that should be in your day-to-day jewellery box to stand out amongst the crowd. The exploration of the relationship between design, fashion and these jewels is the ethos that has driven the brand since its inception in 2017.”


Are you planning any collaborations? If yes, with who?

“I haven’t had any serious thought about collaborating with anyone as of yet. I am excited for what the future holds and the talented creative minds that I cannot wait to meet along the way.”

What are the main features of your jewels?

“Semi-precious stones. I believe in crystal healing of the soul. My earrings consist of a variety of gemstones such as Agate (protection, creativity and harmony), Chalcedony (emotional balance and generosity), Jade (Balance, luck and health),  Druzy (positive self-love- the earrings I am wearing now), Jasper (grounding and stability) and Quartz (Meditation, energy and clarity). Gem-stones have been believed to hold metaphysical properties. They alter our moods and remedy a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years. In fact, a friend of mine bought me this yellow quartz that I have on me at all times, it brings self-confidence and symbolises wisdom, warmth and creative joy.” 


In your opinion, why are jewels so important for women?

“To answer this question, I will use a quote by Dalai Lama ‘We are all visitors on the planet.  We are only here for one hundred years at the very most.  During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives.  If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true meaning of life.’ I believe that a piece of jewellery is not just some ordinary thing that we wear, it’s our personality, attitude, a lot more that a girl carries. Jewels are my ‘go to look’, majority of the time I live in simple black jumpers, floaty trousers or even tracksuit bottoms, but always with an exquisite pair of bling on my earlobes. It is about offering modern women confidence and individuality, regardless of age to feel inspired through my beautifully-crafted jewels and to be treasured and worn with love.”

How the III collection differs from the winter collection?

“It is perhaps slightly rebellious, a bit tongue-in-cheek approach to luxurious jewellery that there is not so much a difference between each collection or preciousness of each earring or gemstone, but the beauty in design and the craftsman of the human hands in unison with the creative mind. I suppose each collection is quite similar in the sense that they are inspired from the Indian artwork that had such an influence on me when visiting India.” 

Where can we follow The Pink Piglet?

For my jewels, best to go on Instagram to: @pinkpigletjewellery

To my website:

What’s next?

“After university I plan to explore other areas of the world for further inspiration and find more interesting jewels for The Pink Piglet’s future collections.  I became so interested in Indian culture that I will definitely get my calendar out and pick a date to go back in the near future.”

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