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Moncler Lunettes Super Stylish Set Of Shades

Moncler Lunettes Super Stylish Set Of Shades

French apparel manufacturer and lifestyle brand Moncler, has joined forces with the Marconi group in order to create the ultimate set of Moncler Lunettes sunglasses.  This new set of shades was  inspired by 1970’s ski goggles, as they include six style links, the iconic design of Moncler with the gifted capabilities of Marconi’s craftsmanship and ingenuity for an ice cool pair of specs.

The six style’s will appear with an etched metal emblem frame fronts, light detailing around the temples, (which looks like the “boudin” impression on Moncler’s time-honored down jacket) and in an abundant amount of colors, such as red, blue, yellow, brown and black with reversed or reflective lenses.  This new collection by Moncler and Marconi gives you that super stylish look that you could only pull off when your out in snowy weather, snowboarding it out or skiing it up.

The Moncler Lunettes shades will be available all over the globe at Moncler boutiques, concept stores, private department stores and at selected opticians in early October, 2016.

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