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Patek’s Double Sided Masterpiece

The Grand Master Chime 5175R by Patek Philippe was created to commemorate Switzerland’s first rate independent watch manufacturer for their 175th year in business. It was revealed to the world in 2014 as Patek Philippe’s most complicated timepiece. The Wristwatch was crafted over a seven year period by numerous watchmakers and artisans to finally produce this beautiful work of art. This timepiece is a limited edition seven piece, dual dialed with reversible case, hand engraved laurel leaves adorning the entirety of the rose gold case, and a pivoting system inside the lugs that empower the case to flip sides. The Grand Master Chime also features twenty complications, a day and night indicator, a secondary time zone, 1,366 movement components, 214 case components, and five separate chimes that include a grand and petit sonnerie. The watch is priced at 2.6M USD, and is the master piece among master pieces.  More information on Patek Philippe can be found at the link below.



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