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Mr Porter’s Latest Collection on California Style

Mr Porter's California Capsule Collection

Producing the cool and collected sense of the California coast, online menswear destination Mr Porter developed their new Made in California capsule collection that imparts keen insight of life on the coast through the style of suave attire.  The British award-winning global retailer collaborated with 12 brands including long standing front-runners John Elliott & Elder Statesman, and auspicious designers like Amiri to construct over 140 unique pieces galvanized by the California coast lifestyle.  The California capsule collection does not only mark the largest collection of casual and beach-ready wear ever created by Mr Porter, but it also is a first to be inspired by just one explicit location.

Mr Porter's California Capsule Collection

“California is extremely important to us, both commercially and on an inspirational level,” states Mr Porter’s buying manager, Sam Lobban. “California in itself feels like a broader trend right now—not just with fashion, but with lifestyle as a whole.”  All 12 designers assimilated this very contemplation in twain subtle and flamboyant impressions.  Standout pieces include Amiri’s palm-tree adorned made-to-order leather jacket ($14,900), a vintage virgin wool-blend and leather bomber jacket in an array of styles by Golden Bear (from $390 to $640), a tangleweave bogota woven bomber jacket from John Elliott ($400), a related in tone cotton-corduroy bomber jacket from Simon Miller ($485), a dégradé cashmere sweater from Elder Statesman ($960), and a flight slim-fit blistered-leather bomber jacket from Rick Owens ($2,375).

Mr Porter's California Capsule Collection

Even though the pieces in the collection are from 12 diverse designers, the Made in California capsule collection ushers in a tenacious view on easygoing California living in the midst of Summer that astutely defines the Golden State’s carefree sensibility.

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