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7 Remarkable Sustainable Fashion Labels

7 Remarkable Sustainable Fashion Labels

As sustainable fashion continues to grow market-share in an industry well known for significant pollution, more and more existing brands and emerging eco-friendly clothing start-ups are stepping up to take the industry by storm.  Whether accessories, unique artisan textiles, or faux-fur & leather pieces – producing ethical luxury garments has never been as high of a priority as it is today.  With the ever increasing offering of many brands it is becoming progressively convenient to shop your style ethically, and feel good about it simultaneously.  Long gone are the days of boring and uncomfortable pieces.  Each brand that we have listed below was selected not just for their commitment to sustainability, but also because they are truly producing some of the most brilliant wearable pieces to fit the wardrobe of any hard to please fashion lover.  So wave arrivederci to any past biases, and read on to discover some of the most exceptional eco-friendly designers & brands of today.

1. Ancient Greek Sandals

The Greek startup dubbed “Ancient Greek Sandals” offers handmade leather sandals crafted by skilled makers paying great homage to traditional techniques of the past centuries.  Ancient Greek Sandals are easily identified by their raw and feminine aesthetic, which takes you back to the days of ancient greece.  These chemical free natural leather sandals are a favorite of many celebrities and trendsetters including Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and Gigi Hadid to name just a few.

Founded just six years ago by Christina Martini & Nikolas Minoglou who created the company out of their passion for Ancient Greece.  The current collection reflects on inspirations of Mythical Gods, pottery, jewelry, as well as sculpture.  Christina who is the brand’s designer previously served as a shoe designer at Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Iris srl, after she had graduated from the acclaimed Cordwainers College.  London born Nikolas, who is Chief Executive of Ancient Greek Sandals, returned to Athens in 2006 after completing his MBA in the United States.

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The New York City & Dublin based sustainable fashion brand was founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005 with a mission focused on sourcing production and encouraging international trade in the African continent.  EDUN (named after the garden of Eden) is best known for mixing up cutting edge modern design with the rich cultural heritage of African nations.  Through their partnerships with local communities and artisans, EDUN helps to build long term sustainable growth across the continent.

Recently being sold to major luxury conglomerate LVMH, the brand continues to be a shinning star in sustainable fashion with production levels as high as 85% in the African Continent.  Well known for simple quality products that showcase the positivity and cultural diversity of Africa.  With most garments prices around $500, though with sales often offering pieces at under $300, there is something for everyone.

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3. Elefante & Boa

Meet Elefante & Boa, a handbag label based on sustainability, practicality, and creativity.  Founded by the young Italian eco-entrepreneur & designer, Isabella Cavalletti.  Elefante & Boa credits its name to the children’s book titled “The Little Prince” where every adult sees only a hat, but, the young boy in the story sees an Elephant being consumed by a Boa; the story speaks to the brands commitment to imagination as well as customization.

Elefante & Boa sources fabrics from across the globe and then incorporates them into Isabella’s innovative and one of a kind designs that offer a modern, yet ethnic vibe.  Making for a truly one of a kind handbag available internationally.  Elefante & Boa places significant emphasis on empowering women from indigenous villages across both Asia and South America through a microfinance project, while keeping production of their textiles completely environmentally friendly.

One of the most unique features of the Elefante & Boa handbag is the customizable flap & chain, allowing the owner to easily change the look of the bag to suit any occasion.  The label produces limited run collections allowing for the utmost exclusivity, in addition, as a result of the hand woven fabric flaps, every handbag is slightly unique from each other due to the human error in the hand sewing of the cloth.

By combining Luxury & Convenience with Hand Woven ethnic textiles from around the globe merged with local Italian materials as well as Italian manufacturing makes Miss Cavalletti’s handbags a truly one of a kind must have accessory for any fashionista.

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For those of whom are addicted to bohemian vibes, there exist no better brand than SVILU, offering comfortable garments in soft colors with the evershining small details to win your heart.  New York City based SVILU was founded by fashion veterans, Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo in 2012 – Cosgrove’s CV includes time spent at Peter Som for Tommy Hilfiger, whereas Polo apprenticed at Vera Wang.  The brand provides ethically produced organic garments for the closet of every fashionable lady.  Every factory is woman owned and has under 10 employees, and the company is constantly looking to innovative ideas for reducing their environmental footprint.

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5. Stella McCartney

A true pioneer of the eco-friendly revolution, Stella McCartney has built her label by diving head first into limiting the carbon footprint of the clothing industry.  Born in London, Ms. McCartney had graduated from Central St Martins in 1995.  After just creating two collections, she became the Creative Director of Chloe in 1997.  Starting her own label in 2001, she has gone on with a strong commitment to sustainability.  Even the majority of the firm’s offices are powered by wind energy, this is a direct action on the company’s anti waste policy which reflects in all aspects of Stella McCartney’s business.  Some unique recyclable and renewable materials used by McCartney are eco-friendly faux leather, citric acid, and biodegradable soles.  Stella McCartney offers apparel & accessories for Him, Her, and the Children.

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6. Maiyet

Maiyet based in New York City is a brand with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.  The luxury brand partners with artisans from India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Bolivia, and Thailand to incorporate incredible details with unique textiles that are sourced with global-localization in mind.  Just recently Maiyet launched a line of three different environmentally friendly sunglasses, which are made of a one hundred percent biodegradable frame.  The company has also partnered with NEST an independent non-profit that’s mission is to develop and train artisan businesses, such as the silk weaving communities in Varanasi, India.

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7. Nosouj

Nosouj is the ultimate go-to sustainable eco-luxe beach bag/tote. Named after the Arabic word for hand weaving, this sustainable label manufactures their bags by hand out of recycled clothing.  Founded by Basma Abdul Hadi in 2015, with a mission to connect the space between style and social responsibility.  Nosouj brings forth authentic designs while creating jobs in communities to provide sustainable living for the community’s inhabitants.  Recently Nosouj was awarded the Butterfly mark for their commitment to both social and environmental sustainability.

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