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The Savile Row House of Huntsman Comes to Manhattan

Savile Row House of Huntsman

Finally, the bespoke tailor “Savile Row house of Huntsman” has opened their first boutique outside of London at a seventh-floor atelier on 57th Street, Manhattan.  From generation to generation, Huntsman has provided stylish gentlemen with the perfect bespoke suit, tailor-made so well to the body that it felt like it was apart of them.  There are two kinds of men; the first kind is the man who picks his clothes based-off what size he is, even though the fit won’t match his body perfectly.  And the other, is the man who lets his clothes pick him, the one who gets the perfect length, the perfect cut, the perfect you.  With Huntsman’s new Manhattan location, you can visit professional tailors to custom design a suit that will fit like a glove and last a lifetime.

Huntsman’s Creative Director Campbell Carey, a man who rose up through the ranks as an apprentice cutter (a program that takes eight years to master) said “you’d be surprised how local our buyers are in New York.”  Custom suits can take at least two fittings to become “a second skin,” he says.  “But they last forever.  I have gentleman coming in with their father’s and they’re still in mint condition.  We have seen suits from the 1920s, and as long as they’ve been looked after, they are still perfect,” Carey says.

What separates their suits from off-the-shelf and other high-end bespoke suits, is that each Huntsman jacket is constructed by hand from beginning to end through the same craftsman in Cheshire.  It has a total of six layers, all the way from British wool (which they work with 8,000 different options) to horsehair (to give it shape) to satin lining.  Huntsman’s most popular item, is the one button navy blazer with slanted double pockets.  Carey said, “it’s a less is more look,” in his thick Ayrshire brogue.  “It’s where we start with our clients, before guiding them to more personalized looks.”

What’s more, the heritage brand is at long last launching a ready-to-wear line of six cuts that begin at around $2,250 for a two-piece suit.  The next improvement is known as Made to Measure, which are factory-made but adjusted to fit the qualifications of a customer, and is priced relatively more.  But of course neither is comparable to the sheer quality of the bespoke suits for which Huntsman is most reputable for, which take from six to nine months to finish and are priced from about $4,500 and $7,500, respectively.  Roughly 30 measurements are needed to ensure the suit is perfect for you, with up to four fittings or more.

“Unfortunately, bespoke tailoring isn’t scalable, and there are no shortcuts, so we can only make about 1,000 suits a year,” states Carey.  “We always say that when someone sees a man in a Huntsman suits, they should say, ‘You look great,’ not ‘Your suit looks great.  The way the suit fits should be what people notice.  You wear the suit, the suit doesn’t wear you.”  Huntsman adds no label or branding that signifies the custom tailored suit was handmade in Cheshire.  “The suit maketh the man, as they say,” adds Carey.

Ready-to-wear suits begin at $2,250; bespoke suits are priced from about $4,500 and $7,500; NYC location: W. 57th St., phone number: 646-590-2695. 

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For more information visit:  Huntsman

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