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How Has Sports Luxe Become So Popular?

Dolce & Gabbana Sport Luxe Wear

Sports Luxe arrived with an attitude unmatched by other styles as it provided a balance of luxury and casual-wear. When it first arrived people were raising their eyebrows at the prospect of wearing joggers alongside blazers, showing signs of instant judgement. Once more and more designers began to adopt the style, the sports luxe trend began to change opinions, showing that matching luxury and casual clothing could actually work.

The styling of casual-wear items such as sweatpants and hoodies began to become tailored, moving away from their original design and assumptions, showing signs of a rejuvenation. The rise in popularity was nothing short of spectacular as brands began to incorporate them into runway shows and with no signs of slowing down the sports luxe, or athleisure style is here to stay.

The original sports luxe trend is split into several core components, which include sweatpants, or joggers, blazers and smart shoes. The style has been adapted since, seeing smart trainers introduced, alongside hoodies and bomber jackets, however the original sports luxe style didn’t include the latter. Sweatpants were once associated with the youth and mens tracksuits however they have moved away from such associations and created a new, stylish and seamless look. The fabrics have become technical, or tailored, creating a smart, yet comfortable look.

The sports luxe blazers have also been technically adapted, bringing it into a more tailored look and reverting back to its initial name, the ‘sports jacket’. The sports luxe trend has combined every functioning feel without compromising style, helping us transition in our everyday activity.

The trend has arrived in a time where ‘gym-to-street’ clothes have seen a huge increase in popularity, becoming more of a lifestyle choice of clothing. With so many now walking around in gym clothing from day to day it’s easy to see how high-end designers are now adapting the style, making it more and more fashionable with every release. The main idea behind such a style is to bring those who prefer sportswear, or casual-wear and merge them with luxury fabrics including silk organza, washed satin, neoprene and leather, which would never has seen the trend go from strength to strength. It doesn’t stop there as luxury clothing ideas have now been taken into a new direction, as they have seen camouflage prints and eccentric colours added to them.

It may be bold, brave and creating a new ideology in terms of clothing styles, but it is something that represents true style. The high quality fabrics, using a traditional, or old school approach has seen the trend soar in terms of popularity. If there is truly a trend that will stick around, it’s the sports luxe trend.

Images by: Dolce & Gabbana


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