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Shop These Men’s Style’s For The Holiday Season

Ermenegildo Zegna Devil May Care Style

Shop these top men’s fashion pieces for this holiday season as they showcase their elegant, even-tempered style that gives off a laid-back attitude whilst keeping a close connection to that time honored savoir-faire.  As the years of fashion increase, so does the style, and the year 2017 will be no exception.  Just as expected by the top men’s wear designers as they propose urbanity, functionality, and flexibility with the devil-may-care style.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Introducing simply brilliant patterned and textured wool & alpaca boucle topcoats, Ermenegildo Zegna shows just how great their long-lasting men’s wear brand really is.  After all, with their stain repulsing wool suits and wrinkle constraint shirts, the family-owned Milanese company has proved to be at the forefront of high quality menswear as an innovator of material usages for many decades.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s slim-fitting, patterned sweaters are a great choice this holiday season, stylishly wearing it underneath a sport coat emanates the laid-back, devil-may-care look alongside sophisticated, gentlemanly touches.  Offering the best assortment of sweaters, with an uncanny attention to detail, only expresses the brands mastery of high-quality pieces to an even higher degree.


The French fashion house Hermes, gives shearling a polished new look along with a flair of lively, dynamic colors.  This fashionable double-breasted leather jacket with a red shearling collar and interior are also available in an extensive assortment of shades.


When handed a three-piece suit by master tailors at Kiton, that classic three-piece suit comes out not just as a materials joined together, but as a masterpiece.  A suit that turns heads all the while befitting the refined gentleman, is just the type of concept that I myself believes separates Kiton apart from other brands as “the master of tailoring”.  Amidst their skillfully custom-made suits that showcase luxuriant fabric blends and lightly adjusted shapes is this polished notch lapel design with an elegant double breasted waistcoat in a vibrant blue plaid.


When searching for a high quality sport coat, no ones a better choice or more suited for the task than Isaia.  As they skillfully create the go-to sport coat in an array of alluring colors, patterns, and styles, while detail remains the Neapolitan brand’s signature.  Hallmarks diverge from the conflicting drape of material below the collar to the apex-ed peak lapel, along various other lapel styles.

Brunello Cucinelli

When it comes to Brunello Cucinelli nobody is more talented or more proficient in creating comfortably yet stylish apparel, and last fall the Italian fashion designer has taken a leap forward with his company’s know-how to abide in the world of athleisure, or attire designed for both the athletic and the leisure life.  This combination of cashmere jogging pants and hooded jacket upheaval from a trip to the gym to a casual dinner effortlessly.

Tom Ford

Well-known for their elegantly tailored suits, Tom Ford is also giving thrill to many of his fans with denim.  Ever since establishing denim offering in his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the renowned designer has added on new and improved styles seasonally.  Judging by his latest of designs, such as these slick, slim jeans and jacket, anticipate for a high amount of comfort along style, as well as a fit that is sure to even compete with that of their suits.

Ralph Lauren

Sharp, personally tailored clothing from the popular American brand Ralph Lauren, set in an impressive variety of textures, patterns, and muted tones that perfectly epitomize the devil-may-care look of today’s most stylish & fashionable men.  The above features a double-breasted jacket with matching topcoat.

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