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Talking Haute Horology: Interview with Geoffroy Lefebvre of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Talking Haute Horology: Interview with Geoffroy Lefebvre of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Geoffroy Lefebvre is a rising star in the Swiss Watch Industry, who prior to his instrumental role as Deputy CEO at Jaeger-LeCoultre; served in senior level positions at parent Richemont Group as well as sister firm, Vacheron Constantin.  Mr. Lefebvre who had initially began his career with McKinsey & Company, possesses an unsurpassed passion for highly complex timepieces, which is evident by his Instagram account that is a must follow for any horological enthusiast.  Read on to learn more about Geoffroy’s passion for watchmaking and the future of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

What initially inspired you to enter the watchmaking industry?

“A childhood fascination for mechanics which soon turned into a compulsive passion for mechanical watches. Then also, as I discovered the industry, the challenge to lead teams of talented and passionate individuals, involved into the whole chain starting from the conception of the watch in our Manufacture in Switzerland to the interaction with our customers all around the world.”

What do you believe sets Jaeger-LeCoultre apart from other top tier manufacturers, how is your company approaching the market compared to your competition?

“Jaeger-LeCoultre Maison is quite unique. Our Manufacture has always remained in its original place in the Vallée de Joux, in Switzerland, since 1833. Our Maison is renowned for the invention of many of the world’s firsts in watchmaking, be it keyless winding, the smallest mechanical movement, or the first three-dimensional tourbillon for the wrist. It is the concentration of skills of talented craftsmen and women at the Manufacture, their creativity and an incredible attention to detail that make Jaeger-LeCoultre stand apart.”

What are some of your company’s plans for the growing demand of complicated timepieces for women?

“Complicated pieces are our everyday language. All Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are distinctive because what is extremely complex inside, will always look elegant, timeless and refined on the outside. For our lady clientele, we offer a vast choice in the Rendez-Vous collection where classical complications are totally redesigned and reinterpreted in a contemporary way. This year we are celebrating the Rendez-Vous collection during the 74th Venice International Film Festival, as it has been inspired by cinema since its creation.”

In just a few words how would you describe the essence of Jaeger-LeCoultre as a brand?

“It is the very best of authentic and innovative Swiss fine watchmaking in an elegant design with a perfect blend of history and contemporaneity.”

How do you measure success at Jaeger-LeCoultre?

“Well, let’s meet again next year and discuss the new chapter that we are creating in our Maison’s history! All our colleagues are working very hard, but also very excited for what is coming next.”

Having served in senior level positions at both Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin, what do you believe makes a great timepiece?

“You recognize a great watch from the distance, without having to look for a brand sign. It is elegant, discreet, understated, yet full of content: complicated or not, it is deeply connected to the history of its namesake Maison, reflects its codes, its values, and the passion that the watchmaker put into making it. For every great watch, this passion reflects on the person that wears it.”

Where can we follow you?

“I like to connect to Instagram when I have a few minutes to spare, where there is a passionate community of watch lovers.”

Where to next?

“Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, to meet our customers, partners and the local teams. I strive to visit every single one of our subsidiaries at least once a year. Online connectivity is a reflex these days but will never replace face-to-face human interactions. And then certainly the big get together of our industry, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in January!”

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