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Glamorous Makeup Looks for New Year’s Eve

Glamorous Makeup Looks for New Year's Eve

The most glamorous night of them all is approaching – celebrating New Year’s Eve is always a nice occasion to show off your most glamorous looks. Since it only comes around once a year, nothing is forbidden. This applies to clothing, hairstyles, and, of course, makeup. New Year’s Eve is quite literally your time to shine, so you better stock up on sequined clothes and glittery makeup. In case you ran out of ideas, here are some of the best makeup styles for you to look as glamorous as possible while you are waiting for 2017 to come.

Sparkling cut crease

Glamorous Makeup Looks for New Year's Eve

Cut crease technique is unavoidable when you want to achieve a dramatic look and there’s no better occasion for it than New Year’s’ Eve. Start by prepping your skin for makeup with high-quality skincare products, such are those from Alpha H collection. Once you’ve done this, prime your eyes with an eye primer and outline your crease and upper lash line with dark blue pencil. Create a cat-eye in the corner and blend it with a fluffy brush. Also, add a bit of dark blue shadow to intensify the colour. Grab a silver eyeshadow and apply a thick layer carefully so it doesn’t get onto the crease. Don’t forget about glitter pigment either! Apply eyeliner on upper lash line and put some mascara and false lashes if you like. Finish off with highlighting your brows. Since this is a really dramatic look, you’ll want to keep the rest of the makeup minimal – opt for a neutral lipstick and you’re good to go.

Shiny and romantic

Glamorous Makeup Looks for New Year's Eve

This one’s a subtle yet glamorous look for the night of 31st December and it starts by applying foundation and some highlighter on top of your cheeks to enhance your natural glow. A bonus tip for highlighting: add a dash of darker blush just below your cheekbone to create a more dramatic look. Fill in your brows subtly and then proceed to create a metallic eyes look. Base the whole lid with a concealer and then add copper eyeshadow on the inner and the outer corners of the lid. Put a thick layer of gold eye shadow in the middle and repeat until it blends with the corners. Traditionally, you would finish off with red lipstick but dare to be bold this year and consider adding beige gold lipstick to create a nice monochromatic look. Complete the look with a fine layer of mascara, et voilà – you’re ready to party.

Red lipstick classic

Glamorous Makeup Looks for New Year's Eve

It’s amazing how a simple look with winged eyeliner and the right shade of lipstick can look glamorous. Of course, just because you won’t need many makeup products, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to get it right since winged eyeliner is a nightmare to most women. Our advice is to start early and be patient. After you prepped your skin and primed the eyes, grab your eyeliner and start drawing. To make it even more glamorous, add a fine line of glitter eyeliner next to the black eyeliner. Apply two coats of mascara and highlight the brows gently and your eye makeup is done. Proceed to the lips but be careful – red lipstick can bring out any inflammations you have on the skin, such as blemishes, veins, and capillaries, so you’ll want to create a smooth, even canvas with some fine liquid foundation formula. Finally, choose your shade of red lipstick, put it onto your pout and that’s it!

Now it’s your turn – make your choice and start prepping your makeup tools. Whatever look you choose, one thing is certain – you’ll surely turn heads and enter 2017 looking glamorous. Happy New Year!


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