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Echo Show from Amazon: Your Gateway to Smarter Living

Echo Show from Amazon

Anyone interested in making their home smarter will be setting their eyes now on the brand new Echo technology from Amazon called Show.

This sleek and elegant device was designed to bring all the best of Amazon’s Alexa together with a screen where users can access a host of convenient features. With the Echo Show, you’ll be able to stream photos and videos, make video calls, keep track of your to-do list, or even monitor the safety of your home.

By integrating the Echo Show with your home, you’ll build a smart home experience where you can fully control features such as light, thermostat, and security. The device includes powerful, Bluetooth-enabled speakers with Dolby processing that guarantee top quality sound, helping users to enjoy music streamed directly from Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, and other platforms.

But Echo Show also responds to spoken commands. Features such as noise cancellation, beam-forming technology, and a total of 8 microphones make it incredibly efficient in hearing sounds coming from all directions, even with music playing in the background. As you add features ranging from new apps and recipes to Uber drive orders, the device will continue to get even smarter.

Here are a couple of things you should know about Amazon’s Echo Show before deciding whether it’s something for you.

Single-user system

Amazon is faithful to its single-user system for Echo devices, and while Show has many improved functionalities (think taking calls or managing calendars), it still doesn’t allow users to connect with other Echo Shows or speakers.

But you can add multiple users to a single Echo, so when you receive a call through Alexa, all your devices will ring.

Alexa skills

Even if the seven-inch touchscreen makes the Echo Show look like a tablet, the device is far from it. It was built to run Alexa skills, so it’s impossible to install either Amazon’s own Fire OS apps or any products from the Google Play Store.

What about services like Netflix or Hulu? They might build skills to work with the device in the future, but don’t count on binging on your favorite shows right now.


The Echo Show can carry out voice calls and direct messages between other Echo devices and the Alexa app. The device is equipped with an extra feature called Drop In that allows users to list individuals who will be able to start a video chat on the Echo Show unannounced.

If someone Drops In on you, they’ll be presented with a “frosted-glass” view for 10 seconds before the video chat starts. That’s when you can reject the video or switch to an audio-only mode. Be careful gentlemen, don’t put just anyone on that list or you might regret it.

Available in sleek black or white design, the device is a great accessory to adorn your countertop. With the smart technology on the rise, there appear newer and newer devices that make your home smart. If you’re looking for an extraordinary, luxurious solution that combines speech recognition with innovative communication features, the Echo Show is a device for you.

The Echo Show ships from June 28 at the cost of $229.99.

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