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Meet Sabrina Percy

Interview with Sabrina Percy

Meet London based Artist and Illustrator, Sabrina Percy. Fresh from her days at the London College of Fashion, the 27-year old Tatler ‘It Girl’ is making a name for herself as a shining star on the illustration scene.

In a world which lacks the sophistication of icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, the ever so stylish British aristocrat is refreshing, and can easily be dubbed today’s queen of class, with a style reminiscent of days long gone. Sabrina is often found gracing the runways of Dolce & Gabbana in Milan or working in her London Studio to create illustrations for fashion brands such as lululemon and British marques like Rolls Royce. And on her days off, she is no stranger to a quintessential adventure in the Scottish Highlands or a holiday in southeast Asia.

Though very much to the contrary of many young artists, Sabrina’s creativity is somehow different, there is a certain “je nais se pais” to her work that is completely unique, yet, all of her work flows together in a meaningful and harmonious fashion. It can almost become addicting to see her next piece of work. Sabrina’s imagination certainly knows no bounds and can only be considered remotely equal to her passionate entrepreneurial drive.

This Holiday season we were given the exclusive privilege of speaking with Sabrina on her deeply energetic and personal work as an artist in addition to her pursuit of excellence in style and world travels.

How did you first become interested in a career as an illustrator? Was it an encounter with fashion or art in your childhood, or through family or school?

“When I was very young my mother was a fashion designer, and she used to take me to the factory where the clothes were made. I saw her fashion sketches and was inspired to draw myself. I am very dyslexic and so art was something I was actually quite good at – and I held it as a strong point. I enjoyed it and it lead me to gain an art scholarship to my secondary school, then onto my degree in Fashion Illustration from London College of Fashion.”

What have been some of your favorite Illustrations that you have created so far?

“I am still particularly proud of the painting I did for the Kings Road lululemon store. It took me about 6 months to complete as it is just over 8 feet tall. It was so tall I had to work the whole painting on the floor, as it wouldn’t stand up in my flat. Another is a picture of a baby Rhino – I met the little thing while I was out in Kenya. Even so young, it’s grey skin was so wrikly and textural. The piece was created to be the logo for the event launch of the Borana Conservation trust. Then the original was sold in the auction of the event, and all the money was donated toward the charity.”

Do you have a preferred medium for illustrating?

“I think my favorite is pencil, because I believe it behaves the best for me – but I love the vibrancy of colours in ink. I recently discovered digital drawing with a stylus and a tablet, which is my new obsession. I’m not very good yet, but practice makes perfect.”

In addition to your passion for art, you are also a gifted model and fashionista. Do you ever see yourself combining your love of fashion with your illustrations to become a designer? 

“It’s funny because my mother was a fashion designer, I have dipped my toe in a bit of small projects with her, which leads me to discover that the pages are my happy place, not the pattern cutting table. I’m in awe of people who can create a garment from scratch with all of the math and textile rules. If someone could work with me to realize my drawings into fabric form, then that would be great – but won’t be handling a sewing machine anytime soon.”

To what do you credit the inspiration for your inherently unique and very classy style? Are there any particular style icons that you look up to? 

“I was very keen on Audrey Hepburn when I was younger. I love Olivia Palermo’s style, but I’m yet to meet a girl who doesn’t. I think Poppy Delevigne has great style and fashion sense as well.” 

Who are some of your preferred fashion labels at the moment?

“I love Dolce & Gabanna, their clothes are so playful and fun that you feel the emotion as soon as you put them on. I feel that Stefano and Domenico’s energy always makes it’s way into the clothes. Their energy and good vibes are infectious. I also love Burberry for it’s classic English heritage, it feels like my home brand.”

Tell us more about your relationship with Dolce & Gabbana, and what initially started your love affair with the quintessential Italian fashion house?

“In September I received a request to walk in their Millenials ‘secret show’ in Milan. My boyfriend and I where whisked out there and the whole team was such a pleasure to work with, you really get the sense of family with them. The clothes were beautiful and everyone there was so lovely and so passionate, it was impossible not to fall in love. Then we worked together again in November, where they did the Harrods take over and we walked the catwalk in the Harrods food hall. I was over the moon to be reunited with the team, to wear even more beautiful clothes and party the night away with them eating their pasta – Dolce and Gabanna really know how to live la dolce vita.”

Being a rather frequent traveler, what have been some of your favorite destinations this year?

“This year started for me in the mountains in Japan at Gala-Yuzawa, which was incredible. I was surprised how different it was in sport and culture to European skiing. The sport is more leisurely and the long skiing lunches are not a thing! But it’s beautiful and their Onsen culture is amazing in the mountains with natural hot volcanic springs everywhere. Antigua is always a beautiful destination – crystal clear water and the vibe is very laid back. Perfect holiday…  It was my first time to Florence this year and I was lucky enough to go twice as we had two different weddings there. I love Italy for the beautiful architecture and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore was breathtaking.”

Having just recently returned from a trip to Northwestern India, do you have any tips for those of us who are looking to visit the country?

“I think it very much depends on when you go, but when we were there in November it was great. Warm in the day and cooler in the evening. You cannot go wrong with a visit to India, just explore as much as possible. In Udaipur be sure to visit lake Pichola, the City Palace is unbelievably beautiful, and surprisingly completely man made, inspired by Venice.”

What do you believe sets London apart being your locality of choice?

“I would say it’s the diversity. The people, the areas, the styles, it’s a complete melting pot of the best of everything. I challenge someone to find a style of food that cannot be found in London and I don’t think there is another city that can match that array of amazing cuisines and quality, all in one city. I think no matter who you are or what you’re into, you should be able to find your tribe here. Each borough is like it’s own little village with a unique culture and feel. If you looked around enough I would say you are sure to find your own little community.”

Where can we follow you?

My personal instgram is @sabrinacpercy

If you’re just after my artwork, best to go to @sabrinapercyart

And for my website at:

Where to next?

“I am heading to Kenya for the New Year, which will be amazing. Most importantly, I have to get my calendar out, pick a date, and commit to my first exhibition.”

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