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Philately Meets Fashion In Lebanon

Philately Meets Fashion In Lebanon

To all you stamp collectors, there’s a possible new addition to your collection! A stamp represents a country; it represents its history and its culture. When collecting all of these different pieces, it’s as important as collecting a bunch of paintings. It’s a collection filled with so much culture and information about different countries and populations.

When thinking about culture, you think about the literature of the country, about its art forms, or its music. Fashion is immediately on the mind. From their traditional costumes to the new designers coming up, fashion has a great part in a country’s accomplishments and memories.

On the 29th of March, Lebanon took a step and officially added Fashion in the culture behind the stamp. Liban Post, the official post office of Lebanon, commemorated the Lebanese designer, Elie Saab with a stamp in his name.


It was a way for the country to honor his accomplishments and all of his work”, says model Cindy Bruna.


Caroline Daur, Elie Saab, Cindy Bruna – Liban Post

Being a post office, one of Liban Post’s main jobs is to deliver any Lebanese package to the world. Elie Saab, through his remarkable designs, did the same in delivering “Lebanon” to the world.

The stamp was purely designed by Elie Saab himself, following all of the brand’s rules. It was named “Elie Saab, Le Timbre” (Le Timbre meaning “The Stamp” in French).

As for the event itself, it was held at Beit Beirut, an old house in the middle of Beirut that was destroyed during the civil war. By planning the event there; it was a way to honor Lebanon, its history and its culture in every way possible.

Beit Beirut was fully designed by the Elie Saab team with different works, pictures and information displayed around. It was as if one was walking into an Elie Saab exhibition, gaining so much knowledge about the designer.

Beit Beirut – Liban Post

The unveiling of Elie Saab Le Timbre by Liban Post was an event that did more than it had to. It gave people a chance to be part of a point in history: where fashion meets philately in Lebanon, a chance to see culture be appreciated, and lastly observe and learn about the beautiful designs of Elie Saab.

The Unveiling of the stamp: Khalil Daoud, PM Saad El Hariri, Elie Saab – Liban Post

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