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The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

They have set the culinary world on fire, some figuratively, some literally, with ingenuity and flair neatly wrapped up into a single delicious package. One succulent taste at a time, these chefs have a menu for every appetite, simply waiting to inspire your inner gourmet.

Without further ado, meet the masterminds behind some of New York’s most coveted recipes today, the pièce de résistance of the fine-dining scene that will let you travel the world without ever leaving your seat.

1.     Jeong Kwan’s food for the soul

The international food scene has certainly spread its wings, but the cuisine of Jeong Kwan is as transcendental as is her very presence. She is a Korean Buddhist monk, and she is loyal to her roots, the kitchen of a Baekyangsa Temple south of Seoul, yet she has found her way to the urban jungle of the West and generously offered her vegan dishes in Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience lead to her own episode of “Chef’s Table”, and she has become the humblest star of authentic Korean cooking – she has shared her wisdom on using seasonal, locally grown food and the intricacies of their traditional techniques such as fermenting and seasoning. What many high-end establishments are attempting to replicate comes naturally to her. Perhaps she will pay Manhattan another visit in the future for more than a handful of lucky guests.

The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

Image source: guide.michelin.sg

2.     The true tastes of Italy by Silvia Barban

Her genuine smile is as captivating as her grandmother’s recipes that bring the very soul of Italy with every mouthful of her handmade pasta, roasted potatoes and a selection of cheeses. Fresh batches prepared every day, Silvia Barban goes above and beyond for every visitor of her restaurant, LaRina, nestled in the Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.

The dinner menu boasts a realm of seafood flavors of octopus and calamari to immerse yourself in the aroma of the Mediterranean, or you can try her rabbit cacciatore with olives grown on the northwest coast of Italy. As you fall in love with the ambiance and the chef’s mastery, you will discover the exotic influences of other cultures she encountered during her appearance on “Top Chef”, which only helped her further perfect her existing menu.

The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

Image source: missbish.com

3.     Igor Zukowiec’s bohemia with a modern twist

Timeless in essence, yet profoundly fresh, the cocktail aromas that are born out of Igor’s imagination and vast experience dominate and dazzle with simplicity. This mixology magician started his journey from a nature-embraced village in Poland never knowing he would one day become the leading name of high-end catering in NYC. Today, Igor and his team deliver a luxurious selection of bites along with his avant-garde liquor blends.

Highly sought after among brands such as Hakkasan NY and Ultimat Vodka for his recipe-creation, he now runs the show of Alchemiq Catering, taking over the world by storm one sip at a time. He is famous for his Grapefruit & Fire signature cocktail with caramelized brown sugar in a grapefruit peel mixed with light rum, Maraschino and Lime, and enriched with Champagne. Still, innovation remains his forte, leading him to versatile new tastes every time he picks up a mixing cup.

The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

Image source: thirstymag.com

4.     The quintessence of French by Christian Schienle

There is almost a tangible warmth and familiarity from the moment you step into the charming ambiance of Sel et Poivre as you are greeted by the owner and executive chef of Austrian origin, Christian Schienle. Both the menu and the atmosphere exude a real French Bistro feel, so despite the address reading Lexington Avenue, you will immediately visit Europe’s culinary capital.

Among the customers’ favorites is the skate fish immersed in lemon and served with basmati, but he personally recommends his escargots, and true foodies can end their meal with crepes, fresh strawberries and macadamia nut with a rich, pungent punch.

The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

Image source: theepochtimes.com

5.     Meir Adoni’s feast for the senses

Already a melting pot of a culinary experience, Israeli cuisine has gained a new dimension through the visionary lens of Meir Adoni and his newly-opened restaurant Nur, the first one away from his homeland. He entwines his traditional heritage of flavors with the world-wide hues from his education in Sydney and training in Paris – giving Middle-Eastern dishes a taste of novelty.

Drawing inspiration from his Jewish roots, the menu is brimming with savory and creamy mixtures, starting from the traditional honey and garlic challah, all the way to baharat spiced lamb. In the spirit of Israel, the dishes are designed for sharing, and the relaxed but upscale vibe of the restaurant invites you to revel in some of the world’s finest tastes served in the very heart of Manhattan.

The Biggest Names in the NYC Culinary Scene at the Moment

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