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Meet Louis Wright

Interview with Louis Wright

Meet luxury food blogger Louis Wright who has followed his passion for food and nutrition to the point of creating his own blog “IAMLWRIGHT” in 2017, which centralizes on healthy, nutritious meals for students attending universities and colleges.  Having studied at a boarding school in Deradun, India for an extended period of time and later travelling to the Northern part of Spain to study at a college located in the city of Salamanca, Wright has not only travelled across the globe sampling various nutritive, culinary masterpieces, but has also featured similar nutritious recipes on his blog.

Wright joined a conservation team in 2016 from the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas with the mission to save Green Sea Turtles and Coral Reefs off the coast of the main islands.  Wright has gained numerous opportunities to see first-hand how the inner workings of large companies operate, such as his experiences at Sainsbury’s head office (Nutrition department) and McLaren Automotive (Racing).  In addition, he also shares a deep interest for various leading-edge programs, ideas, and designs; this includes the new innovations being performed at Loughborough University & MTC Coventry (3D Printing and Polymer Technology), Newcastle University (Marine Technology).  Please read on for our interview with Louis Wright as he talks to us about what first ignited his passion for a life in epicure, his involvement in Ocean Conservation, and his adventurous & healthy recipes he lists on his blog “IAMLWRIGHT“.

What are you currently inspired by?

“Colonel (Harland) Sanders has always been an inspiring character for me, he started serving, his now famous chicken pieces, to gas station customers from his house that was attached to the gas station. A very simple recipe was perfected and is now worth millions of pounds!”

How did your blog “IAMLWRIGHT” originally come to be?

“I saw a few friends posting about passions they have on Instagram and using the caption to write their own lengthy viewpoint. This was where the original idea to create a place full of important things related to my passions came from. Since then the blog has grown and developed to be a main base for all important news in the food industry and includes many recipes all designed and modified to the needs for a healthy lifestyle.”

Interview with Louis Wright

When was your passion for cooking and epicure born?

“My passion for epicure originally started when I was around fifteen years of age. I became quite fussy and interested about where the food I was eating came from. Was it organic? Free range? Healthy?”

Where do you get your inspiration for the recipes on your blog?

“Most of the recipes are inspired from food I have eaten with my own personal twist or change to make the product slightly healthier. Some are also healthier variations on well know dishes. I encourage people to tell me if they have an interesting idea for a dish which I can try out and experiment with.”

Interview with Louis Wright

What is the most unique or adventurous dish you have ever tried? 

“The most unique dish I have ever tried is a dish I still do not know the name of. During my time in India I tried a variety of different dishes, some were very pleasant others were remarkably hot! The most unique dish I have ever eaten was bought from a small stall on the side of the road. It had a very minty flavour and tasted amazing with a smooth almost ice cream like texture.”

Take us through a day in the life of Louis Wright.

“Normally I wake up at around 6 O’clock, I shower and eat, generally getting ready for the day. I jump onto my blog and normally upload a recipe at 8. I will then share that on all of my social media and respond to messages from my fan pages and Instagram. For lunch I will then cook a recipe I am trying out and upload an Instagram picture while I am eating, read all of the news stories and possibly edit some photos or share some funny tweets. I enjoy watching documentaries on the environment and new diet fads in my downtime. David Attenborough’s short movies are definitely my favourite.”

Interview with Louis Wright

What initially got you interested in Ocean Conservation?

“I was initially interested when reading some papers on the current status of animal populations in the sea. Especially the decline in sea turtles, I researched it more specifically around the green sea turtle. I found an institute in the Bahamas which offered volunteer opportunities to help conserve and research into the sea turtles behaviours. It was an amazing experience and I hope to do further projects in the future.”

What do you believe is one initiative everyone should take to help conserve our ocean and the life within them?

“Limiting the amount of non reusable plastics we use is very important, and is the easiest initiative you can take to make a difference. Plastic stays around for hundreds of years can be a hazard to wildlife and leaches toxins into the environment. Instead of using carrier bags when you do the weekly shop, chose to use reusable bags which are going to last an awful lot longer. The UK and other countries have initiated a scheme which will reduce the amount of plastic bags we use, each plastic bag now has a 5 pence charge. It is an effective inventive which I believe will make a significant difference in our general plastic waste.”

Interview with Louis Wright

Being a frequent traveler what have been some of your favorite destinations?

“One of my favourite destinations I have visited is Salamanca in the north of Spain. It is a very quiet and quaint city which is well known for having the first university in Spain. The language is very traditional and cafes in the beautiful plaza mayor serve all the dishes you would expect to see on a menu in Spain. I had a local guide at the time who showed me a “secret underground restaurant”  for the locals and the food hasn’t changed since the original recipe and you cannot beat it!”

What is one luxury you could not live without?

“As many would probably agree it has to be my access to the internet. I believe keeping in touch with friends on almost a daily basis is very important, as most of my friends live abroad in many different cities it would be very difficult to speak to them without access to the internet.”

Interview with Louis Wright

Where to next?

“I am off to Tenerife in a few days, the main reason for the journey is to try and taste new dishes and variations that have been made to the standard and traditional Spanish dishes. This includes a selection of paellas and some inspiring fish dishes.”

Where can we follow you?

You can find my blog here blog.iamlwright.co.uk

Follow my journey on Instagram: iamlwright

Facebook: facebook.com/iamlwright

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