Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

World-renowned, 3-star Michelin Chef Heinz Beck made his Dubai debut with Social, a contemporary restaurant featuring Italian cuisine, located inside the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah. While Heinz Beck was born in Germany, Italy was where his unique culinary talent was nurtured and flourished.

His tenure in Italy (Rome, specifically) was where Beck built his stellar reputation. Under his supervision, Beck guided La Pergola, the fine dining establishment, to it’s 3 Michelin stars as well as international fame, firmly establishing this German-born culinary master as an authority on Mediterranean cuisine.

Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

Now widely regarded as one of the masters of gastronomy, having won numerous gastronomy awards throughout his enviable career, Beck continues his pursuit and taste for adventure. His sizeable portfolio of restaurants stretches his gastronomical footprints, encompassing restaurants in London, New York, and naturally, Dubai.

Heinz Beck’s 20 years of culinary experience is brought to bear at Social, a beautiful representation of artfully curated Italian dishes. A contemporary Italian restaurant unlike any other, Social by Heinz Beck features inviting design elements that offer a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. The magnificent views of both Dubai and the Arabian Gulf make Social the ideal setting for everyday dining and moments of celebratory occasion. Social is classic luxury; stylish and sophisticated with Beck’s modern twist, a mantra that extends from the decor right through to its menu.

Innovative and exciting, Social’s dishes maintain the utmost attention to detail and respect for ingredients. Abiding by the “Golden Rule” of cooking — do what you do with art and passion — Beck endeavors to use the finest ingredients to produce highly innovative flavors.

Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

“Citrus marinated Amberjack on avocado cream”

Expect to find traditional Italian dishes such as tiramisu and tortellini on Social’s menu. But the menu is far from straightforward. Beck’s unique interpretation of the “Modern” kitchen is manifested on Social’s menu. His innovative pioneering techniques display the rich heritage of the Mediterranean region through appealing dishes.

His signature fagotelli is a clever play on the Italian staple carbonara. The rich mix of egg yolk, Parmesan, and pecorino cheese are enveloped in pillowy pockets of dough. Tossed into a pan and cooked with zucchini, pancetta, butter, and white wine, the fagotelli is an intriguing dish bursting with distinct aroma and flavor.

Starters like the grilled tuna with aubergine, pine nuts & mint, and the lobster medallion with avocado and tomatoes, set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Beef tenderloin with bell pepper and potato gratin, the black cod with borlotti beans and parsley snow, as well as other mains are all elegant dishes and a pleasure to eat.

Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

“Fagottelli Carbonara”

Diners can also relish Social’s dessert menu, light yet particularly satisfying. The Raspberry 1.1 is perfection in quality, taste and presentation. Beck’s tiramisu is an outstanding interpretation of the classic Italian staple; uncomplicated, yet packed with inspired flavor.

Beck’s dishes are elaborate works of art. Every aspect of the plate is perfectly executed and considered. Plates are decorated with herbs, flowers, and delicacies, transforming simple ingredients into exceedingly evocative dishes.

Service is as impeccable as the menu. The staff are friendly and attentive. Their knowledge of the dishes on the menu can guide you through an unforgettable evening if you are unsure of where to start. They are present without being intrusive and communicate with care and consideration.

Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

“Duck tortellini with pea cream, fava beans, artichokes and black truffle”

A maestro of the modern kitchen, anyone who ventures into Social will find something delightful in Beck’s expansive yet succinct menu.

Social by Heinz Beck also features a special culinary ladies’ night every Wednesday. Experience an innovative three-course set menu promising a vibrant evening. Each selected dish is specially curated to fully maximize on the Mediterranean region from which Beck has garnered his success. The evening includes two complimentary glasses of grape or sparkling.

Heinz Beck is truly a polyhedric genius of our time. As Beck says: “My aim for Social is to offer diners fresh, contemporary cuisine in an uncomplicated and welcoming setting.”

Social by Heinz Beck: A Modern Gastronomical Wonder

“Raspberry 1.1”

His cuisine is elaborate yet emotional. Social’s rather non avant-garde approach surprises and delights your palate with unique and luxurious flavors. A visit to Social will leave you with a desire to return.

As one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai, one must book in advance in order to enjoy the experience that Beck brings to the dinner table. Visiting gourmands must make reservations as Social is only open for dinner, from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m, Monday to Saturday.

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