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Guide to Exploring California’s Coast: Point Lobos

The Point Lobos state reserve is often credited as “the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world” as well as the “crown jewel of the state park system.” With that said, it is unlikely that the park will offer anything less then prime areas for a healthy hike and brilliant wildlife spotting along the backdrop of the Central California’s jagged coast line.  Offering a tale into the whaling industry of the past with a quaint small museum, whale watching is often plentiful (gray whales December-April), in addition to otters and rare species of birds make for a true haven for the nature enthusiast.

Located at the northern end of Big Sur, just five hours north of L.A. and two hours south of San Francisco, Point Lobos is also just a hop, skip, and a jump away from world renowned Pebble Beach and the resort towns of the Monterey Peninsula.  The landscape at Point Lobos offers rocky cliffs, which seamlessly blend into lush forests, wildflower patches, and awe inspiring canyons located along the park’s countless beaches.  For the avid outdoorsman there lay plentiful options whether you enjoy diving to explore coves, swimming in the brisk pacific ocean amongst otters, hike, and or kayak around the reserve to capture the natural beauty by both sea and land.

Wildlife spotting is ideal, the park is home to many unique species including elephant seals, sea lions, orcas, sea otters, coyotes, mountain lions, and gray foxes.  The park is also a garden of eden for birds; which include species ranging from the the darker eyed junco to the massive brown pelican.

With activities for everyone, Point Lobos proves to be a necessary stop when visiting California’s coast.  From sweet smelling flowers to the exotic fauna, the magical destination never offers a dull moment or a more exciting experience for nature enthusiasts, alpinists, and conservationists alike.  In order to enjoy the breathtaking scenery to its utmost potential, visitors should check up on the weather, bring along water and or food if a picnic is part of your day plan, wear comfortable clothing, take a “map” if it is your first time visiting Point Lobos, and a camera to capture your unforgettable experience along with the awe-inspiring emblematic setting.

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Photography by: Marli Allard

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