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Floating Venice: an Authentic Venetian Experience Brought to the Middle East

Dubai, famous for it’s luxurious infrastructure from large miraculous parks and roads to the world’s highest buildings, added to it’s grandeur a unique vessel resort that represents a floating miniature version of Venice. In September of 2017, Kleindienst Group launched their “Floating Venice” project worth 680 million US dollars at Cityscape Global. The inspiration behind this so-called “boat” was generated by the success of “The Floating Seahorse” that was the first underwater experience and received a large number of visitors.

Floating Venice will start construction in 2018 and luckily will be finalized by 2020, serving the interests of people for over 100 years and will push the underwater experience to a higher level. 3,000 people can visit the resort daily, consisting of 4 decks, in which one is undersea. The decks consist of 414 cabins, 180 of which are underwater.

As guests arrive to the main Piazza San Marco by boat, seaplane or helicopter, the underwater lobby will greet them warmly and introduce them to the most exceptional journey they may ever experience. In order to reach their targeted cabins, guests will have to pass through canals by gondolas brought from Venice.

An integral element of life that is added to this resort, which makes it more desirable to visit, is it’s numerous water features. People do not perceive water as only an elixir for life, but also as a source of luxury. So instead of a typical visit to the sea or any resort, Floating Venice embraces our relationship with water, offering spas, cabins and restaurants located underwater that will pamper guests by its charming seascapes, giving them immense choices concerning activities. The world’s first floating spa and gym are constructed underwater in the Arsenale Piazza. In addition, nightlife and dinning can be enjoyed in any restaurant chosen from a collection of 12, in which 3 are underwater giving breath-taking panoramas. One could pleasurably also stare at the passing gondolas above.

Chairman, Josef Kleindienst sees this correlation between Kleindienst group’s vision and Dubai’s progression as interconnected, where both seek the pioneering position for innovation. Being optimistic and proud, Kleindienst has a strong level of optimism to “enhance the landscape of real estate and hospitality and deliver a new iconic experience.”

Floating Venice is a piece of art that combines different cultures, hosting many traditional festivals such as Carnivale di Venezia, Binnale di Venezia and Festa del Rendentore. In addition, there are several shops that embody the Venetian style which thus adds to the taste a concentrated Venetian portion.

Using technology, Dubai was able to create its own Venice. Not only Venice, but even Dubai is working on other replicas of famous wonders from around the world such as the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian Pyramids, all under a project dubbed ‘Falcon City of Wonders’. This brings forth the curiosity of discovering Dubai’s future projects, and also raises the question whether Dubai will become a pure fake replica of other wonders with no natural home treasures?

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