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The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

Bloomsbury has done it, they have created the most luxurious cupcake in the world.  This tasty treat is an edible work of art that is perfect for individuals with a discerning taste for the most extravagant epicurean delights, backed with an unyielding philanthropic nature.  The only problem is that you might miss it once it’s gone, so you better take a picture because this delectable final course wont last forever.  The Golden Phoenix is currently available at Bloomsbury’s Mushrif Mall location in Abu Dhabi at a whopping $1,010 per cupcake.

The Golden Phoenix has left its mark on the world with its Italian premium Amedei Porcelena Cocoa, its super high quality gold Ugandan Vanilla Beans, and its incredibly delicious organic strawberries.  The dessert uses the Amedei Cocoa for the base of the cupcake that they then wrap in a 23-carat gold sheet, afterward they add frosting and top it off with decor that is dusted in edible gold.  They place chocolate covered strawberries, that too have been dusted in edible gold, along with vanilla beans that are turned into a cream along side the cupcake, and it is all served on a 24-carat gold empire stand by Villari.  Only the finest of ingredients are used to give life to the Golden Phoenix.

Bloomsbury’s founder Shafeena Yusuff Ali spent over five weeks to develop this delectable confection.   Bloomsbury and World Food Programme (WFP) who are both business partners even agreed to donate half of the commission from the cupcake to go to the aid of children in times of humanitarian crises.  In fact, at least 1,850 disadvantaged children are fed for every cupcake sold, now that’s amazing.

The Golden Phoenix was even on BBC’s most expensive dish list along with the chocolate gold-flake dessert that is priced at $18,713, a sushi roll wrapped in gold leaves for $4541.92 from the Philippines, and a $293 burger from New York. This golden one-of-a-kind cupcake doesn’t just go above extravagant, it goes beyond it with its extraordinary ingredients and creative touches.

For more information visit: www.ilovebloomsburys.com

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