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This Luxurious Hotel Makes For An Opulent Retreat

Palazzo Damas Hotel

What was once the early 20th century Roman villa that bordered the Tiber River and the home of the Malaspina family (who hosted countless high-class soi rées) is now a luxurious hotel named Palazzo Dama.  Opened this year in January as a 30 room hotel, the luxury resort has become an opulent retreat within it’s own city, a place where historical marble mosaics and original art-nouveau doors beautifully complement the Loro Piana fabrics and spectacular mid-century Italian furnishings.  Even architect Antonio Girardi culled many exotic objects from across the globe to add a little panache or liveliness to the hotel, all the way from antique Persian carpets rolled-out in the restaurant to a shower of crystal chandeliers (derived from New York’s Plaza Hotel) in the lounge.  Enjoy life in the hotel like the Malaspina family, take your time and have a relaxing afternoon by the property’s swimming pool, then take it easy with a light excursion through it’s blossoming flower gardens and finish the day off watching the sun set atop the rooftop terrace.

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