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The Most Luxurious Resort in Saint Barthelemy

The Most Luxurious Resort in Saint Barthelemy

St. Bart’s is without a doubt one of the worlds most incredible escapes, with its undeniably beautiful scenery, wildlife, food, and culture.  When traveling to the island you should try staying at the premiere resort, Eden Rock.  This jutted out resort is located on a craggy quartzite bluff that overlooks the Baie de Saint Jean on the central north coast of the island.  The resort is consistently ranked as the best resort in all of St. Barts by U.S. News travel, as well as being ranked as one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean.



Eden Rock contains 32 sumptuous rooms and suites, plus an additional two villas.  All of which are beautifully decorated with antiques, silver fixtures, Steam trunks, and water colored paintings of local areas.  In particular they are as follows:  The Howard Hughes Loft is located directly above the main building and features three verandas that offer 360 degree panoramas, two bathrooms specially clad in wielded copper, and over 1,500 square feet of living space.  Villa Rockstar, which was opened in 2010 and features over 16,000 square feet of plush living space, four master suites, a screening room, a private pool, a recording studio, a pool table, and a fully committed butler.  Villa Rockstar can be had for 130,000 Euros per week.  Additionally there are Beach House’s that feature between two and three bedrooms, and also the Nina villa featuring two bedrooms and its own pool and art gallery.





The resort was established in the 1950’s by Remy de Haenen, who was a local politician at the time.  He sold the resort to Jane and David Mathews, who are the current owner’s of Eden Rock.  The Property has a unique position called an Artist-in-Residence, (a position that only a hand-full of hotel’s have) and is occupied by the current owner’s Jane & David.  This To-Die-For resort was apparently frequented by Swedish film actress Greta Garbo and American business tycoon Howard Hughes.  Greta Garbo even stayed at the resort under an alias for three days, but she loved the resort so much she extended her three day stay to three weeks, and Howard Hughes even has a suite named in his honor.

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The resort has two restaurants: On The Rocks and The Sand Bar that are both of which are headed by Executive Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  Eden Rock Resort is the perfect place to spend your time in St. Barts, with water skiing, surfing, swimming, and Spa activities will keep you relaxed and refreshed.  Prices range from between 650 euros to 14,000 euros per night.

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