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Meet Lana Scolaro

Lana Scolaro interview

Lana Scolaro is the daughter of businessman Francesco Scolaro & Socialite Anna Scolaro.  As such the 21 year old jewelry designer has spent much of her childhood jetting between Monaco, London, New York, Ibiza, Saint Barths, and many other chic locales, absorbing the finer points of culture around the globe that she would later put to good use in her jewelry designs.  Her love of fine jewelry & unique symbols—combined with an education at the prestigious Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York City have allowed Lana to create one of the most unique Jewelry Lines around. 

How did you get into jewelry design?
“Design and Fine Art has always been my passion. I attended Parsons the New School for Design in New York and after one year I moved back to Monaco in order to focus on starting my own line with the jeweler connections I had close by in Vicenza, Italy.”

What was the inspiration for your current collection?
“I was initially inspired by the young, rebellious rock elite of our era, as I’d never seen fine controversial jewelry designed for a niche market of the young and fearless, involving weapons and illegal substances. I then realized that I did not want to provoke use of weapons through my designs, as the designs were merely for comical attraction, the same way children play with toy guns; so I decided it would be an idea to donate to specific War Funds such as War Child with each item sold.”

Walk me through your daily routine.
“If I’m going to be honest, I don’t have a daily routine and never have since school. I don’t believe life should be a consistent routine, as each day for me is different. I could spend one whole day with photographers shooting my line, or driving to Italy to the factories making sure my pieces are manufactured exactly how I would like them.”

What is the starting point in your design process?
“The starting point in my design process has always been a rough sketch of my imagination, I’ll then spend a lot of time with the dimensions of the product and precisely draw each design in my portfolio with the exact measurements. I’ll then send my designs to my manufacturer and he’ll send me back a preventive and the CAD files on the computer to see if I would like to go ahead with it before it is produced.”

Where is your all time favorite destination?
“Los Angeles is my favourite destination, I love the energy and stress free vibes there.”

What designers are you currently inspired by?
“Saint Laurent has always inspired my designs, especially with the gun purse in one of the collections. I have also always been a big fan of Anthony Vaccarello; which is ironic as he is now the creative director of Saint Laurent; I love how his collections are full of character, strong and fearless.”

What is your go to timepiece?
“My iPhone.”

When you travel, what items could you not go without?
“My headphones, Elizabeth Arden moisturizer, and my pink fluffy blanket.”

Favorite Restaurant in Monaco?

image4 image5What was the most challenging obstacle you encountered since starting your own business?
“I realized that most of my collection is targeted at a niche market, which makes it very difficult to pitch the brand to the right people and places, especially deciding which countries to distribute the products to.”

How would you describe the LS Diamonds Customer?
“The LS Diamonds customer is young, reckless, and daring. They are street smart and are always up to date on the latest trends. If they are not making art, they are making music or watching independent films and hanging at places that aren’t in the spotlight. The LS Diamonds customer is exclusive, just like the collection.”

Where do you see LS Diamonds going next?
“LS Diamonds will be distributing more products in the U.S this Fall of 2016, mainly in stores in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. I will be launching a new range I have spent months designing towards the end of the year which I am beyond thrilled about.”

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