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Meet Stephanie Scolaro

Stephanie Scolaro interview

Stephanie Scolaro, a visionary, entrepreneur, designer, and socialite, who has set the Fashion Industry on fire with her one-of-a-kind accessories.  She is the Monaco based Designer and Founder of SS Python – a 100% python baseball cap line.  Fulfilling her long quest to produce high quality products for niche markets, and ushering in a whole new concept to the the fashion world, she is an inspiration to young fashion designers everywhere.  

We spoke exclusively with Stephanie about her chic lifestyle and SS Python. 

What inspired you to create SS Python?
“I have always been a lover of baseball caps and I’m constantly encountering people who are wearing plain black, basic caps. When I sat down and thought about creating something unique, I immediately noticed that there was a gap in the market for 100% python caps in all colours and designs.”

Growing Up did you always know you wanted to have a career in the Fashion Industry?
“I have always been interested in the fashion industry, especially whilst studying Style and Design for one year before I completed my university degree. I never knew I would end up creating my own brand, but it has certainly been worth it.”

What items could you not live without?
“Mascara, phone and moisturizer.”

Describe a day in the life of Stephanie Scolaro.
“I wake up at around 9am during the week and respond to emails if my day isn’t fulfilled with busy meetings. I also work efficiently with my team to source retailers, focus on marketing strategies, and discuss new ideas and designs. After a day in the office, I’ll go to the gym or have coffee with friends.”

Being a frequent traveler, what have been your favorite destinations and why?
“Since a young age, I have always loved Ibiza. The vibe of the island is magical and it makes you feel as if there are no limits. I am a great admirer of freedom, love and peace, and this island definitely profits from all three! Other must-see destinations are Mykonos, St Barths, and Capri. I love small islands with big opportunities.”

What was the most difficult aspect of setting up your own business and so far what has been the most rewarding?
“Setting up your own business is more tedious than most people would think. The most difficult aspect has been working with suppliers, ensuring that they stick to deadlines and that every little detail of every hat is perfect. The most rewarding aspect has been the satisfaction of spending so much time on marketing, and having a great relationship with my clients.”

How would you describe the SS Python Customer?
“The typical SS Python customer is one who wants to stand out from the crowd, be unique and stylish, and respond to questions such as “where is your hat from!?” I am very thankful for having such supportive customers.”

What do you believe sets Monaco apart, being your locality of choice?
“Monaco is a great place for meeting new people, which is very beneficial for my brand. I believe that it is very unique as it is such a small country, yet there are so many new things to explore.”

Where would you like to go next?
“I would love to go to Bali because I think that it shares the same magical feel as Ibiza. There are so many things to see in the world and I am yet to continue my travels!”

For More information on SS Python visit: SSPYTHONOFFICIAL.COM

Also, check out Stephanie’s Instagram at:

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