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A Look Into the Islands Made By Man

The world we live in is more unique than ever before, and this unprecedented level of individuality is emphasized by man’s ability to create anything and everything. One example of this extraordinary artistry is the Ocean Reef Islands, located of the coast of Panama City, Panama. The Ocean Reef Islands are a pair of man-made, artificial, real estate islands designed by real estate developer Grupo Los Pueblos. Grupo Los Pueblos has a thirty-year history focusing on innovation in architecture; their involvement in the construction of these islands ensures the highest degrees of excellence and luxury. The islands have a land area of 46 acres and are connected to Panama City by a 500 foot long bridge.

ocean reef island - city view

These anomalous islands have been under construction since 2009. The first island, which has already been completed, had astounding success in home sales. It’s One Of A Kind residences, Waterfront Residences, and Lot 65 are all completely full. The Garden Apartments, however, are only at 85% capacity; these apartments start at $1.3 million. Residents here have access to a swimming pool, a mini-golf course, and a rooftop infinity pool. The island’s close adjacency to the Panama Canal also highlights gorgeous views of ocean liners and sailing yachts as well as the connection of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Island One Marina Port

The second island is still in construction, although it will feature 65 ocean front properties, starting at $3.7 million. These properties range anywhere from 9,000 to 13,000 square feet. Ocean front properties, condos, and penthouses (which range from $1 million to $2 million) are accented by 360 degree views of the ocean as well as the city skyline. The real estate developer is promising that you would be able to move in to all properties on both islands by 2019.

Ocean Reef Marina & Yacht Club

Living on these islands is not for the faint of heart, the amenities on the island certainly have a “go big or go home” attitude, so residents should be prepared to live and spend lavishly. The islands feature tennis courts, a private yacht club, full-service spas, and complete gym facilities- these are available to all residents of the islands. More information on the services and amenities offered by the islands, as well as residential opportunities, can be found on their website: Ocean Reef Islands.

Man’s ability to create islands from scratch opens up numerous possibilities for the future. These islands are designed to be the perfect place to live and are absolutely an incredible engineering feat. The Ocean Reef Islands were designed with only the best in mind, and, when they open for residency in 2019, the world is sure to appreciate this great level of innovation.

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