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Angra dos Reis: 32 Acre Private Island Complete with Helipads

An unrivaled 32 acre Brazilian private island has been listed for sale this autumn with Christie’s International Real Estate.  Set within the prestigious area of Angra dos Reis (just 30 minutes from Rio via helicopter), which is considered by many as one of the most stunning areas of Rio de Janeiro, this private island is complete with unwavering scenery, lush vegetation, and is complemented by the shimmering Atlantic Ocean.

Angra dos Reis, Portuguese for “Creek of the Kings” is an archipelago of 388 islands which offer 2,000 beaches spread across seven bays.  Cultural highlights include multiple 16th century churches, as well as native fishing communities of sardine fishermen.  Before the area was officially settled by Portugal, Angra dos Reis, was a hub for pirates who would hide in the area’s many coves.

Angra dos Reis is what The Hamptons are to New York City, a nearby seaside oasis yet far from the urban bustle. Only Angra is more secluded and private,” says Rick Moeser, Executive Director of Christie’s International Real Estate. “This estate has served its family’s legacy and memories, well. It is now time for a new owner to build their own legacy in this most special of locales.”

The property is aimed to provide the very finest in a retreat setting for family and friends with it’s 10,000 square foot main home, plus an additional five bedrooms spread across three bungalows, which include their very own balconies for taking in the stunning island vistas.

“This private island is the perfect sanctuary within quick proximity to wonderful dining, boutique shopping and adventure travel,” says Frederico Judice Araujo. “The home offers a perfect balance between privacy in the natural world and resort vibrancy.”

Throughout the luxurious compound an open indoor-outdoor design is present, with multiple balconies, decks, and terraces that highlight panoramic views and enable “al fresco living”.  Within the confines of the island are amenities which include a cinema, state of the art kitchen, cellar, spa, conservatory room, two docks, helicopter landing pads for day or night, three buildings for staff accommodation, and multiple backup generators to ensure a luxurious experience.

Images courtesy of: Judice & Araujo

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