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The Newest Tech For Your Wrist

Recently a new type of watch has been released that functions just like a smart phone.  These devices are more advanced that any other watch, they can do the most basic of the functions like calculating, translating, and of course time keeping.  Some of the smart watches can even be used as a media player, a radio, and a Bluetooth.  Most of them even have internal hardware like a rechargeable battery and the peripheral devices have touch screen, gps receiver, compass, thermometer, altimeter, accelerometer, speaker, camera, and a vast amount of storage.  The watch can also use wifi.  And allows you to monitor your heart rate, your speed, and how many laps you have run.  One of our favorite smart watches out there is the Tag Heuer Connected.  It has directional wind and weather monitoring, google fit, and RaceChrono Pro capability.  The watch can connect you with thousands of apps that you can tailor to your own taste.  It has tilt detection sensors, haptic engine, gyroscope, microphone, and holds 1 gb main memory and 4 gb of storage.  This smart watch has a 1.6 GHZ dual core processor and a conductive charging cradle with USB cable and wall plug.  This type of watch makes it feel like you have a whole computer on your arm just not as heavy.

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