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Meet Sophie & Charlotte Bickley

Sophie & Charlotte Bickley Interview

Meet the Bickley’s, Sophie (left) & Charlotte (right); Two inseparable Fashion Blogger Sisters who have made the world of fashion as amazing as can be, with their incredible blog, Yin2MyYang.  As some of the hottest fashion bloggers today they put style and charm into your casual everyday wardrobe.  Besides who doesn’t love a cool and glamours everyday look that makes your day even just a little bit more fun.  Sophie & Charlotte do just this, they put a little bit of fun in your day to day life ensuring that your living your life to the fullest.  This awesome fashion blogging duo were kind enough to take some time out of their busy schedule to tell us a little bit more about their super cool blog, their unique fashion philosophy, and some insight on their extraordinary style tips & simply stunning outfit ideas.

What inspired you to start your blog?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “We have always both been very interested in fashion and have had our own unique personal styles that have come very easy to us. It has never been hard for either of us to put together a stylish outfit. We have been surrounded by fashion our entire lives with a father who works in the depths of the fashion industry so that made us even more interested in the world of fashion.

Our friends, family, and even people we didn’t know have constantly complimented us on our style our entire lives so we FINALLY one day decided that we wanted to share our take on fashion and our personal styles with the world, not through the eyes of just one of us, but through the eyes of both of us, since we both have such different physical looks, tastes, and style preferences.

We noticed that there wasn’t a huge niche for sister bloggers (especially different looking and dressing sister bloggers) in the blogging sphere and that was another thing that pushed us to start the blog. So far it’s been really fun… nothing better than being able to call your sister your co-worker too”

“P.S. Our blog was 3 years in the making before we actually decided to launch it! Lots and lots of thought went behind it, but we had the idea to do it for years.”

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyWhat sets both of your style’s apart from other personal style bloggers?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “One of the reasons we initially started our blog in the first place is because we felt that we BOTH had something different to offer from other personal style bloggers that were out there. Our styles themselves are quite different, which is part of the premise behind our blog, but we also each have individual style’s that set us apart from other personal style bloggers.

In addition, as sister bloggers, we are immediately set apart from other personal style bloggers because we get to show not only one, but two, personal style preferences through our blog and Instagram to our viewers, allowing for a wider audience of viewership and a bigger fan base – as one person might relate more to Sophie’s look and another person might find Charlotte’s to be more appealing.”

Sophie:  “I think that one thing that is different about my style than other personal style bloggers is that I am not always so overly concerned with posting the MOST current trends or the most “on trend” styles. For me, it is more about dressing in a way that I feel, whether the trend is “old” or “new”, looks stylish and makes me feel stylish and comfortable. Even if I am not wearing the most popular new trend, I always end up feeling stylish and think that people appreciate seeing versatility in trends and NOT always seeing repetitive blog posts that are only featuring the hottest “on trend” looks. That’s not to say that I don’t love to wear the current/ hot/ on trend looks, I 100% do, I just don’t mind mixing it up sometimes and even combining new trends with old ones. For this reason, I have a bunch of items in my closet that I have been wearing for years and still find beneficial to my style decisions today. I don’t think this is something that I share with most other personal style bloggers.”

Charlotte:  “My style has always been very girly so one thing that sets me apart from other personal style bloggers (including my sister) is that I always feel the need to add some sort of girly-ish twist to my look in order to stay true to my personality and personal style preferences. In addition, I also love to chase the next best thing/ or the hottest new trend and once I do, I try to get my hands on it as soon as possible so that I can be sure to reveal my passion to our readings for being informed of the latest trends….through my urgency to own them and my interest in them. I think that a lot of other personal style bloggers probably do this, as in they love to chase the newest trends as soon as possible, but that I take it to the next level…”

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyWho are some of your favorite clothing designers?

Sophie & Charlotte:
1. “Stuart Vevers (Coach)
2.  Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld/Fendi)
3.  Anthony Vaccarello (YSL)
4.  Jeremy Scott (Moschino, It’s Jeremy Scott)
5.  Olivier Rousteing (Balmain)
6.  Alessandro Michele (Gucci)
7.  Alexander McQueen”

Ultimate holiday destination? 

Sophie & Charlotte:  “Cabo San Lucas, Mexico”

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyWhat are some of your favorite outfits that you’ve posted so far?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “We will explain our favorite outfits that we’ve posted so far via the names of the posts:”

– “Days in Denim” June 5, 2016
OUTFITS: all denim outfits, jumpsuit//Sophie, romper// Charlotte

– “Meet #Rexy : The #COACHXHIGHLINE Summer Party” June 29, 2016
OUTFITS: combination of Coach dinosaur (aka Rexy) leather bomber jackets mixed with other brands- i.e. Stella McCartney denim overalls// Sophie, and high strappy Schutz gladiator heels//Charlotte

– “Showin’ Some Shoulder” July 28, 2016
OUTFITS: different takes on the very in trend “off the shoulder” look, that is one of the top trends of Summer 2016

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyTalk me through a day in life of Charlotte & Sophie Bickley.

Sophie & Charlotte:  “Our day starts with a Starbucks run for some very much needed ventil iced latees to start the day. Then, depending on what day it is, we can be doing a variety of different things. Here are some examples: we can be out and about  NYC at various meetings/lunches with people in the industry or brand representatives to discuss possible collaborations or to network; we can be shooting on location with our photographer(s); we can be working on a post or researching more about the blogging industry and how to make our blog better at the Soho House (aka our office); and finally, we can be attending brand or blogging/networking events in the morning/afternoon/evening. Our days to not always consist of the same routine, but rather a mixed routine including all of the activities we mentioned above.

The life of a blogger is not an easy one and when you treat your blog like it’s your baby (which we do), it is a 24/7 job! There are lots of phone calls, meetings, and back and forth emails that go into running the business behind a blog so some of our days can also look very similar  to your “typical 9-5 job”, sitting behind a computer, answering emails, taking phone calls, and scheduling meetings.

Long story short, our days consist of doing whatever it takes to better our brand/blog, Yin 2My Yang, in any which way that we can… and also to learn something new about the blogging/fashion industry or meet someone new to network with every single day. It’s honestly tons of fun but very hard work at the same time!”

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyWhat are your greatest passions?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “This may sound cheesy but our greatest passions in life could be categorized as the “three Fs”- FASHION, FAMILY, and FRIENDS. These three things are a priority for both of us and always will remain our top passions in life. Also…we have a passion to ALWAYS be nice to whoever you meet because you never know what they’ve been through in life or where your paths may cross again!! Wise words to remember.”

What summer trends do you love and which do you hate?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “Ultimate Loves: Off the Shoulder, Choker Necklaces , Platform Wedge Sandals/Espadrilles, Denim Everything, Sporting Logos/Athleisure

We’ve been trying to come up with an answer for a trend this summer that we hate and after researching all of the Summer 2016 trends several times, we honestly can’t come up with any trend we hate, especially because hate is such a strong word!

We definitely like certain summer trends more than others, but we can’t say we hate any! Sorry to disappoint!”

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyWhat has been your greatest challenge since starting your blog?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “The greatest challenge for us since starting our blog has been learning about all of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a successful and profitable blog. The good news is that day by day, we are slowly learning more and more which is very exciting and reassuring for us- it helps us keep going even when challenges arise.

In addition, in a world where our lives are so busy, one of our other challenges in starting the blog has been making sure to keep our content/posts relevant and consistent so that we do not disappoint our readers or any of the brands that we are working with.”

What is something most people do not know about either of you?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “Our dad is Bermudian! He was born and raised on the island of Bermuda, right off the coast of the Carolinas. He moved to the United States for college but is not an American citizen. If you’ve never been to Bermuda, you should go, it’s awesome and such a short flight from the East Coast!”

Sophie:  “I was born in Munich, Germany!…which means I have three separate citizenships- German, British (Bermuda is a British colony), and American!”

Charlotte:  “In addition to the blog, I’m going to be working as a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman starting in this Fall and could not be more excited for the experience!!”

Meet Sophie & Charlotte BickleyWhere to next?

Sophie & Charlotte:  “Next for us…overall: expanding our blog, continuing to raise awareness and follow up on any press opportunities to really get our names out there to as many people (not only in the fashion industry) as possible.  We would also both love to be personal stylists one day.

In the long term, we would love to do what Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad (our favorite fashion blogger ever) has done with her blog. We would love to eventually be able to travel and blog from all over the world and would LOVE to start a sister fashion line of our very own one day. That would be an ultimate goal for us and we hope that one day it will be a reality!”

Where can we follow you?

“You can follow us on our website for in depth posts and outfit ideas or on our Instagram which is @yin_2my_yang, which we post on daily.”

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