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Myontec MBody: The First Smart Shorts on the Market

Myontec’s MBody tech shorts

It is no wonder that in the world where the majority of young people never separate from their smartphones, mobile apps and technological innovations cooperate to provide athletes with infinite performance-support possibilities. Wearable devices, which together with specially-designed applications, track, monitor and measure our bodily parameters are all the rage right now. And for a good reason – they offer plenty of information that helps professional and amateur athletes to boost their performance and follow their progress.

An example of such a device are Myontec’s MBody tech shorts. Those who want something more than a simple activity tracker should consider investing in this piece of high tech. Myontec is recognized for MBody Pro, a line of wearables designed for professional athletes that monitor all the essential metrics which are related to particular sports. Their smart shorts include integrated textile sensors whose job is to monitor four major muscle groups (the quadriceps and hamstrings in both legs). They’re made of a special, UV-resistant elastic fabric that prevents fatigue by offering compression for muscle support and guarantees comfort thanks to the featured flat seam construction.

Myontec’s MBody tech shorts

What do Myontec MBody shorts do? They monitor muscle balance (left/right and front/back), load, and ratio, as well as heart rate and cadence. All this data is fed to a special app, which users need to download on their mobile devices. The app then calculates the number of burned calories, together with the user’s speed and route – helping them to analyze their workout and improve it. The shorts offer real-time sports performance statistics that are relevant to any kind of sport.

Apart from muscle overload analysis, the smart wearable offers a range of training readiness options that are based on warm-up monitoring, sophisticated fatigue monitoring functionalities from the attached EMG, recovery & relaxation monitoring, technique feedback that aims to boost individual efficiency and balance, as well as a wide scope of analyses that help to prevent imbalance and injury.

What do athletes gain with MBody shorts? MBody tech gear collects and analyzes data in the training environment – and that’s a new way to monitor muscular performance. Feedback from the device shows what exactly is happening with muscles during training, how they behave under different conditions, and where the majority of muscle injuries occur.

Myontec’s MBody tech shorts

All that real-time and post exercise analysis helps users to measure and analyze their performance with technique optimization in mind. Users can also gain a better control over the recovery process and detect problems in the muscular system (for instance, imbalances or deviations) before they begin to affect their performance.

Myontec sensor technology offers a complete performance analysis that brings plenty of value to training and coaching. The associated app allows users to see figures from past sessions and check their progress. They also gain access to the cloud-based Movescount service, where they can create training programs, maintain a training diary, and connect with other members of the MBody community.

While there are many wearables in 2017 that you should look forward to, if you are a sport-enthusiast, investing in Myontec MBody shorts may be the smartest move. Spoil yourself with this piece of super-luxurious yet super-practical equipment. The complete MBody setup is available now for €820 (about US$920).

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