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The All New Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors will soon be producing an all new Roadster for 2020, which based on the announced specifications, should give the best lot of supercars a good run for their money.  The launch of the new Roadster will also go hand in hand to fulfill Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk’s dream of creating the best cars in the world, quoted as saying “the point of this is to give the hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars.”

Not long after Mr. Musk presented his groundbreaking electric semi-truck; an all new super sports car was shown on stage to steal the spotlight.  Tesla claims the new roadster will go from not to sixty in under two seconds, and complete a quarter mile in just under nine. An exact top speed has not yet been announced, though, 250 miles per hour is a conservative estimate, easily placing the Roadster among today’s highly coveted Hyper Cars.  Yet, the Roadster’s most unique feature is that it will seat four individuals in relative comfort. Cargo room will be plentiful in this convertible, and a 620 mile range powered by a 200-kilowatt hour battery pack is nothing short of incredible.  A starting price of $200,000 USD also makes for class leading value, feel free to reserve yours for a deposit of $50,000 right now.

The original Tesla Roadster was produced from 2008-2012, and was instrumental in the fact that it was the first highway legal all-electric vehicle powered by a lithium ion battery.  The original roadster was also the first all-electric vehicle to travel over 200 miles on a single charge.  Production figures were just under 2,500, and were most popular in continental Europe.

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Images courtesy of:  Tesla, Inc.

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