Bang & Olufsen Releases The BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition

Bang & Olufsen, which was founded in 1925 by the two audio reproduction innovators Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, have now created yet another revolutionary product for the audio and motion picture industries with the release of the BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition: “the latest variant of the world’s best sounding TV.”  Utilizing the latest 4K HDR OLED screen technology, the BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition features an elegant handmade speaker cover in oak, which gives off a sophisticated and warmhearted feeling to the ambiance of any kind of home.

Designed by award-winning Torsten Valeur – David Lewis Designers, the new BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition offers stunning oak to complement its slender frame and sleek aluminum components; as it also simultaneously pays homage to Bang & Olufsen’s time-honored use of wood elements in their products.  Senior Concept Lead from Bang & Olufsen Kresten Bjørn Krab-Bjerre agrees with this statement as he later goes on saying that: “We feel obliged to keep innovating the use of a material that has played an integral part in our products since 1925. Oak is a material that patinates beautifully, and by adding this option to our flagship TV we reinforce our commitment to provide people with the flexibility to match our designs to their personal interior style.

Ever since the company was started, it has turned into a symbol of the highest grade performance and the forefront of design; a name that fully commits to its history in traditional craftsmanship and highly advanced tech R&D.  Long-standing as one of the most prominent domestic technology innovators of our time, Bang & Olufsen has been rapidly expanding their reaches by integrating its audio and video solutions, which were primarily utilized at home, to the hospitality and automotive industries.  For example, Bang & Olufsen’s latest products that relate to media and audio functions used in your home can now be seen in the car while on the go.

Merging the best of two worlds

The BeoVision Eclipse incorporates Bang & Olufsen’s remarkable design, high-quality craftsmanship and impressive acoustic capabilities together with LG Electronics’ technological expertise on OLED TV mechanics, which encompassed their webOS and 4K video processing capabilities.  Combined with a 450 watt 3-channel SoundCentre, the TV features both stereo performance and center channel control, which makes it superior to most integrated solutions and soundbars presently available in the market.  Furthermore, the BeoVision Eclipse also includes music streaming services and built-in internet radio, which alone make it a music system in a class of its own.

The BeoVision Eclipse comes with a motorized floor stand underneath.  Just a press of a button, and the TV is able to move across the floor so silently that it looks as if it is hovering towards your direction.  The stand can even turn 90 degrees to either side with a touch of a button, which allows for a more enjoyable viewing experience and a good way for it to blend with the room’s decor.  Additionally, besides having the motorized floor stand, BeoVision Eclipse can be mounted on the wall with a motorized manual bracket.

The BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition is currently available in two different sizes.  The first is the 55” version that retails for a suggested price of DKK 68,995 / USD 10,995 / EUR 9,095 / GBP 8,195.  The other is the 65” version, which has a suggested retail price of DKK 95,995 / USD 15,995 / EUR 12,795 / GBP 11,495.  In addition, owners of the BeoVision Eclipse can also purchase a separate speaker cover for a proposed retail price of DKK 7,595 / USD 1,295 / EUR 995 / GBP 895.

The brand new BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition as well as the separate speaker cover will be available for customers in any Bang & Olufsen store worldwide, starting from the beginning of April 2018.  However, aluminium and fabric covers for BeoVision Eclipse are currently available at Bang & Olufsen stores.

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Images Courtesy of: Bang & Olufsen

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