Vintage Industrial’s New Gravity Defying Cant Table

The Cant can defy gravity; this new gravity defying table from Vintage Industrial pushes design boundaries to never before seen heights, as well as becoming the foundation for future design innovations.  With the Cant table’s overzealous and modern design, it is a first in a series of design wisdom defying pieces that Vintage Industrial plans on producing in the coming days.

Vintage Industrial has always been passionate about the furniture they have built ever since the company first started out from a garage in 2009.  In what initially began as a hobby, doing what they love with a design and materials that can last centuries, the current Vintage Industrial continues to stand by that same passion in order to create high-quality pieces of avant-garde furniture for their customers that will last them through generations to come.

“We wanted to do something different, to really push the boundaries of conventional design and wisdom,” said Greg Hankerson, co-founder of Vintage Industrial. “The Cant table looks like it wants to tip; like it can’t stay upright, but with its cantilever design it can and will. We love it.”

This gravity defying table is a variation from Vintage Industrial’s aesthetic, bringing forth a visionary concept to the company’s current production line.  The Cant table features a Cantilever design, with a heavy plate steel base, 96 x 40 stainless steel table top, and is available in polished or non-polished finish.  The Cant table’s base model is priced at $13,950.

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