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St. Kitts Welcomes a New Superyacht Marina

Christophe Harbour's New Superyacht Marina Village Comes to St. Kitts In 2017

Known far and wide as an incredibly popular port that anchors some of the most captivating superyachts in history, St. Kitts is on the rise for even greater fame.  As the luxury resort Christophe Harbour extends its reach by adding a complex superyacht marina village to its grounds, creating a new location for yachters from around the world to go shopping, socialize and to enjoy the wonderful scenery that has made St. Kitts the desirable locality it is today.

The Customs House, which is an 11,000 square-foot building that bears a resemblance to a wharf-side warehouse from way back when, will function as the nucleus for the entire community.  The Custom House will be designed with arched doorways and handmade bricks, and will also feature a fitness center, customs & immigration center, real estate center, crew lounge, and marina operations post.  Moreover, the village is going to incorporate an extensive array of stores, cafes, boutiques, and even a specially commissioned rum market that would sell local aqua Vitae (which is Latin for “water of life”).  The rooftop terraces will offer spectacular views overlooking the marina as well as the Caribbean Sea, and can be leased for private or special events.  The superyacht marina village is scheduled to be finished in early 2017.

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