Park Hyatt Opens Their First Hotel in The Caribbean

Expanding their reach to the Caribbean, Park Hyatt has built it’s first ever hotel in the southeastern coast of St. Kitts.  The new hotel is located on a stretch of Banana Bay, which has been known as one of the island’s most beautiful beaches due to its livid-golden sands and sparkling-clear waters.  Featuring 126 rooms, the St. Kitts Park Hyatt introduces a decor design that abandons conventional Caribbean-motifs for a rather minimalistic impression inspired by the picturesque surroundings.

The hotel’s minimalistic feel is further demonstrated by its setting of sturdy palm trees and glistening turquoise waters.  Because of how the hotel stretches to form a circular-shaped outline, it puts an even greater emphasis on the view of the sea as well as the nearby summit of Mount Nevis, thereby creating a very tranquil yet exhilarating atmosphere for hotel guests.  In addition, Kittitian artwork discreetly encompasses each room, giving all guests a little taste of the island’s local colors.

This new Park Hyatt fully embraces the St. Kitts lifestyle as evidenced by the hotel’s two restaurants, which both offer menus inspired by the indigenous ingredients and flavors unique to the island.  Presenting calm white interiors along turquoise accents, The Great House boasts a very serene ambiance that includes an excellent afternoon tea service together with an all-day dining experience and its own all-day rum bar.  As for the other restaurant, Fisherman’s Village, it offers a rustic vibe with slatted walls and an interior design that garnered inspiration from traditional fishing huts, serving an assortment of classic seafood fare.

The hotel also features a multitude of outdoor and indoor amenities like family and adult swimming pools, a yoga & meditation open pavilion, full beach access, and the Miraval Life in Balance Spa.  The spa in particular is quite expansive as it offers a wide-range of unique and innovative treatments from hot lava rock massages to Vasudhara therapeutics.

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